Performance of Gaming Industry This Year and Opportunities Ahead


As the year 2023 is approaching towards its end, Omar Tellez, VP for Emerging Markets, Niantic’s views on the gaming technology, gaming and how it is beginning to become a part of our lifestyle.

Speaking about gaming technologies, Omar Tellez shares that “In 2023, gaming technology reached new heights, with advancements in new age technologies such as multiplayer technology, augmented reality, virtual reality, emerging faster network bands, decreasing latency, and increasing device density. Looking back, it's a testament to how technology not only elevated gaming experiences but also laid the groundwork for a digital era where the lines between the virtual world and the real world continue to blur. At Niantic, we continued advancing augmented reality technology to provide our audience with real-world experiences in the game. As we step into 2024, we envision unparalleled innovation in the gaming tech sector and expect cutting-edge visuals as well as immersive storytelling to shape a gaming landscape that would transcend imagination.”


Popular Games

Speaking about gaming and its outlook in 2024, Omar Tellez shares that, “We believe 2023 was a year of innovation and shared experiences. The rapidly growing technological advancement in India and its vast young population surely makes it an integral part of a truly immersive and interconnected gaming world. As the country’s rising enthusiasm towards mobile gaming, professional gaming and contribution to esports is setting the stage for an exciting future of gaming, Niantic also added Hindi language support to Pokémon GO this year. Along with organizing events such as the ‘Festival of Colors’ and ‘Festivals of Lights’ tailored for gamers present in every part of India, we also have been increasing the number of PokéStops to provide enhanced playability throughout the country. Looking ahead to 2024, we expect the global as well as Indian gaming landscape to be threaded with groundbreaking advancements and such cross-cultural collaborations.”

Speaking about how gaming is getting integrated in lifestyle, Omar Tellez shares that, “In 2023, gaming has emerged not just as a hobby but as an immersive lifestyle shaping routines and forging connections. Pokémon GO has been helping players/Trainers across India and the world to build communities, explore their neighborhood safely and catch their favorite Pokémon. By organizing events such as monthly Community Days and Pokémon GO Fest, Niantic has been encouraging Trainers/players to step out of their couches, meet new people and cultivate walking habits. Looking ahead to 2024, the outlook for gaming as a lifestyle is a captivating journey. Niantic, as a pioneer in the gaming industry, anticipates a year where gaming seamlessly intertwines with our daily routines, shaping not just our leisure but our experiences, connections, and the very essence of how we navigate the world.”