Fortnite Bhangra Boogie Cup announced, The Mandalorian, God of War Kartos out; Halo Master Chief leaked

The Fortnite island will be “overrun” with some of the “greatest hunters” from different realities as part of the Season 5 plot. Let’s check everything new regarding Fortnite here.

Epic Games seems to be in overdrive when it comes to new content for its Battle Royale game, Fortnite. Several new reports have surfaced on the internet outlining some new and upcoming changes to the game. First up, the company rolled out a new skin from The Mandalorian. Looking around, players can play as the popular space bounty hunter. Similar to the web series, you must complete a series of quests with several in-game rewards.

The interesting part is that The Mandalorian fits right into the bounty hunter focused season. In fact, the island will be “overrun” with some of the “greatest hunters” from different realities as part of the in-game plot in Season 5 Zero Point. In addition, the company also outlined some more information around upcoming events and competitions in the game. Let’s check everything new regarding Fortnite here.

Fortnite Bhangra Boogie Cup announced, details

Talking about the Fortnite event, Epic Games has teamed up with smartphone maker OnePlus for a new Bhangra Boogie Cup. To keep things competitive, the game publisher is offering several in-game rewards including the Bhangra Boogie dance emote, and more. This new competition comes months after Epic Games held four different Marvel Knockout Series Cups with a significant prize-pool. Taking a closer look at the latest in-game event, the Bhangra Boogie Cup will kick-off on December 6.

Epic Games highlighted that anyone with a supported Android smartphone can take part in the event. However, players also need to enable 2FA on their Epic account before taking part in the event. Checking the full list of rewards for the event, Fortnite players can get an OnePlus 8T smartphone for free or a Bhangra Boogie emote Nana Dance Spray, and even Click pow Get Down lobby track featuring Raftaar. The top three players as per the points table in each region will get the OnePlus 8T while the top point earner will get the OnePlus Buds. You can check all the details about the event in the official blog post regarding the Bhangra Boogie Cup.

The Mandalorian, Kratos from God of War, and Master Chief from Halo in the game

Fornite Season 5 Zero Point The Mandalorian

Moving back to the hunters, the inclusion of The Mandalorian works well with the quest structure in Fortnite. Players need to complete multiple tasks to unlock more Mandalorian gear including the shiny armor. There are nine pieces of armor available to unlock with the final one only available at level 100. Similarly, players also need to do the same to unlock Grogu, aka Baby Yoda. For some context, they need to max out the Battle Pass this season to get Grogu.

Beyond this, Epic Games also announced that Kratos from God of War is coming to the game. The company shared the details about the arrival of this character in a separate blog post. This is likely part of the $250 million minority stake that Sony took in Epic Games earlier in the year. Just hours later, another tweet surfaced hinting at the arrival of Master Chief from the Halo franchise to the game. The screenshots also showcased a tiny Warthog and Pelican.