Fortnite: How to get your hands on the Black Widow skin collection


Fortnite's skin collection boasts an impressive array of collaborations from various universes, including a significant presence from Marvel, such as the iconic Black Widow skin. However, acquiring sought-after skins like Black Widow can prove trickier than anticipated due to the dynamic nature of Fortnite's item shop.

Unlike permanent offerings, most Fortnite skins rotate in and out of the shop periodically, making their availability unpredictable. Even if players have the required V-Bucks at hand, they might find themselves unable to purchase the desired skin simply because it's not currently in stock. This adds an element of anticipation and urgency to acquiring coveted skins, contributing to their desirability and rarity within the game.


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To secure the Black Widow skin in Fortnite, players can purchase it directly from the in-game shop. However, it's essential to note that the Black Widow skin, like many others, has limited availability within the game. This means that Epic Games may introduce it to the store at random intervals.

For players eager to obtain the Black Widow skin, staying vigilant and regularly monitoring Fortnite's in-game shop rotation is crucial. With the shop refreshing daily, the Black Widow skin could potentially become available on any given day, presenting an opportunity to add this sought-after cosmetic to your collection. 

For fans deeply invested in the Avengers universe, the Black Widow Fortnite skin is just one component of the larger Avengers Bundle, offering a comprehensive package with additional perks beyond the skin alone. If you're particularly fond of the Avengers and Captain America, investing in the Avengers Bundle could offer significant value for your V-Bucks.

In Fortnite, the Black Widow skin is priced at 1,500 V-Bucks. However, for those looking to enhance their collection with more Avengers-themed items, the Avengers Bundle presents an enticing option at 4,600 V-Bucks. Keep in mind that V-Bucks are occasionally distributed to all players by Fortnite, but you may need to purchase a V-Bucks pack from the in-game shop to fund your skin purchases. When purchasing V-Bucks, opting for larger packs is advisable as they often include bonus V-Bucks, maximizing cost-effectiveness.

The Avengers Bundle in Fortnite offers a plethora of exciting cosmetics alongside the Black Widow and Captain America skins. Here's a rundown of all the included items:

  1. Black Widow - Playable skin
  2. Captain America - Playable skin
  3. Widow’s Bite - Pickaxe
  4. Proto-Adamantium Shield - Pickaxe
  5. Widow’s Pirouette - Emote
  6. Grand Salute - Emote
  7. Avengers Quinjet - Glider
  8. Widow’s Pack - Back Bling
  9. Proto-Adamantium Shield - Back Bling
  10. Assemble - Loading Screen

With this comprehensive bundle, players can fully immerse themselves in the Avengers experience within Fortnite, wielding iconic weapons and showcasing their allegiance with themed emotes and back bling.