Fortnite version 14.50 update brings back jetpacks; Disney+ subscription giveway likely coming

In addition, this new update also brought a new map location, weapons, and more. Let’s check out the details of this Fortnite update here.

Epic Games has just released a new update for its popular Battle Royale game, Fortnite. This new update brings the version number of the game to 14.50. The update brings a number of bug fixes to the mix along with tweaks in different elements of the game. In addition, it also brought a new map, weapons, and more. Right before the update, Epic Games shared details around the next-generation updates that the game will get. It is also worth noting that the update rolled out to Sony PlayStation 4 players with a delay. Let’s check out the details of this Fortnite update here.

Fortnite 14.50 update details

Looking at the announcement post for the update, the game now allows creators to use 150 channels on their islands. However, the highlight of the update is likely the return of “Stark Jetpacks” in the game. These jetpacks allow players to fly for a short period of time but they are limited to a certain number of uses. This in-game item first appeared about two years back. Players also get back the “Marvel Knockout” as part of the regular playlists in the game. Epic Games is also gearing up for the finale of the season as Galactus, the season villain closes. It has also removed all the Halloween-related decoration from the map.

Beyond the updates mentioned above, the rest of the things focus on Fortnite creators. This includes the ability to activate the “conditional” button with the help of triggers. Talking about the teaks to in-game elements, this update reduces wind speed through the grass and fixes some grass and island naming-related bugs. Other bug fixes focused on weapons, items, creative tools, prefabs, and galleries. Epic Games has also added several new features such as the option to track a device, score management, and more.

Partnership with Disney+ for subscription giveaways

Another report surfaced indicating a possible collaboration between Fortnite and Disney+. This report from GameSpot outlined a tweet from data miner “VastBlast” about possible of subscriptions. VastBlast notes an “up to 2 months of Disney+” subscription for anyone who may purchase V-Bucks until December 31. This offer will likely be available to anyone who makes a purchase using real money in the Item Shop. The report did not reveal any more details about the partnership so we will have to wait for the official announcement.