Fortnite X Dead Space collab is some time away, but Kid LAROI's music is now in the game as part of the latest update

Find out details of the new additions as a part of Fortnite's latest update in Chapter 4. Kid LAROI, Falcon Scout item, new skin and more are now out in the game.

Fortnite’s latest update version 23.20 is now out, though a Dead Space collab may still be some time away. A new item, Falcon Scout can now be collected, bringing with them a whole new range of uses and advantages. Additionally, Rift Warden Stellan Outfit skin is also up for grabs. Here are all the latest updates on Fortnite that you need to know about. 

Falcon Scout

This is the latest item to have been added with 17th January’s update to the ongoing Chapter 4 of Fortnite. As suggested in the name itself, you can use the Falcon to scout areas while you stay hidden in a spot. The Falcon Scout will help you mark your opponents for you and your squad. You will also be able to open containers, pick up loot, and carry them to yourself or a teammate. You can also carry a wounded or knocked out teammate of yours to safety with the Falcon Drop.
While the Falcon Scouts can be collected from the ground, or from chests and supply drops, Oathbound Chests will increase your possibility of finding one. 

New Reality Augments

Five new reality augments have been added to the game. Peely’s Plunder will give you a treasure map that will lead you to treasure. Shotgun Striker will get you a Siphon every time you hit opponents with your shotgun. Rarity Check, Zero Check and Danger Hero are the other reality augments added to Fortnite with update version 23.20. Check out the official website for more information on the new reality augments

New Outfit

While fans were expecting a Dead Space collab with an Isaac Clarke skin, we’ve got a Rift Warden Stellan Outfit instead. 

Fortnite X Kid LAROI

Fortnite has finally announced Kid Laroi coming to the game this year. Kid Laroi is being expected to feature in this year’s Fortnite concert. However for now you can tune in to Kid LAROI’s “favorite songs” when you hop into a vehicle.