GTA Online is facing issues with Security Exploits, allowing cheaters to take control of gamers' accounts

Potential new exploits in GTA Online for PC have been spotted. The new exploits are allowing cheaters to add, remove and modify stats. 

Grand Theft Auto Online for PC is currently facing problems with security exploits. Players are sharing evidence of the game's security breaches. According to some users, these new exploits allow cheaters to remotely add, remove, and edit statistics. This problem has been addressed by Rockstar Games and is expected to be resolved soon. 

New exploits are permanently corrupting accounts 

Along with sharing the evidence, Tez2 tweeted that the new extreme exploits permanently corrupt the accounts. He wrote, “New extreme exploits have appeared allowing cheaters to remotely add/remove/modify your stats and permanently corrupt your account aka ban/delete”.

Tez2 suggested deleting the Rockstar Games folder from My Documents and then launching GTA Online to refresh profile data. Aside from that, it's best to avoid playing GTA Online completely.



In a Reddit post, PapaXan wrote that it is not safe to play the game right now. Further adding, neither invite only nor possibly Story Mode are safe. The user asked the players to mass-report the issue to Rockstar Games in the meantime so that this issue doesn't get ignored. 



A Twitter user, floorball, also shared a video that shows how it looks like when the account gets “corrupted” due to the recent RCE exploit on PC. 
He explained it by stating, “Basically you’ll get stuck in the clouds indefinitely when trying to enter online”. 


“We are aware of the potential new exploits”, says Rockstar Games 

The mass report by the players seems to have worked as the problem faced by the players is now under the light of Rockstar Games. They stated that they are aware of the potential new exploits in GTA Online for PC.

Rockstar Games wrote in a tweet, “We are aware of the potential new exploits in GTA Online for PC, which we aim to resolve in an upcoming planned security-related Title Update”. 

Players can report any issues faced by them at Rockstar Support on the official website of Rockstar Games.