Guwahati Police arrests Team Insane Esports owner for running call center scams

The Guwahati Police Crime Branch has apprehended Debojyoti 'David' Dey, the creator of iNSANE Esports, identifying him as one of the key architects behind a significant operation targeting call centers.

In a shocking turn of events, Team Insane Esports owner Debojyoti "David" Dey has been arrested by the Guwahati Police for running a call center scam. David, along with Rajen Sidana and Dibyam Arora, has been identified as the masterminds in running illegal call centers in Guwahati. The Crime Branch of Guwahati Police ran an operation across the city and apprehended three masterminds and 250 individuals who were scamming people for the past two years. This is major news as Insane Esports is one of the biggest names in the Indian Esports industry.

Guwahati Police Commissioner Diganta Borah said, "Reliable intelligence input was received that some scammer gangs are operational in Guwahati and are involved in operating call centers and cheating Indians and foreign nationals by impersonating technical support staff. They would also pose as customer support representatives."


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He further stated that the scammers used pop-up advertisements and toll-free numbers to target people by acting as bank officials, government agencies, well-known organizations, etc. After gaining access to personal devices, they used to create a sense of urgency among the victims by saying that their bank details had been compromised and later trapping them into making payments using Bitcoin and gift vouchers. A police official stated that the scammers employed deceptive tactics, such as utilizing counterfeit toll-free numbers and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls, which are phone calls transmitted over the Internet.

The Crime Branch of Guwahati Police conducted raids at eight different locations in the city to bust down the multi-crore scam. The raids were conducted at Guwahati's Bamunimaidam, Borbari, Rajgarh, Gandhibasti, ABC Point, and Ganneshnguri. The police have apprehended a total of 144 individuals, comprising 47 women, with ages ranging from 21 to 25 years. Additionally, they confiscated an array of electronic equipment, including 164 desktop computers, 90 laptops, 26 mobile phones, and various other electronic devices.

This has come as a massive shocker for the Indian esports community, as Team Insane Esports owner Debojyoti "David" Dey has been identified as one of the masterminds in the entire fiasco. David has been a prominent figure in the esports community, but this incident is certainly going to raise valid questions about whether these illegal activities had something to do with his own esports organization or not.