Gyan Gaming Interview: India's No.2 Streamer speaks on Free Fire return and its esports scene

India's No.2 Streamer 'Gyan Gaming' shared his views on the return of Free Fire and revealed his favorite esports player.

Free Fire is all set to make a comeback in India and the excitement among the Indian gaming community is quite evident as they wait for the epic return of one of the biggest battle royale titles. With Free Fire being the hot topic, popular streamer Gyan Gaming has emerged as the second most-watched streamer in August 2023. Gyan Gaming has always been one of the biggest names in the Free Fire community. The streamer holds a massive subscriber base of 14.8 Million on his YouTube channel and is known to deliver engaging gaming content.

In an exclusive interview with India Today Gaming hosted by Musab "Blackbeared2oP" Zaman, Gyan Gaming shared the insights of his journey and views on the return of Free Fire in the country. So without any further delay, let's dive into the exclusive interview, The excerpts of it are mentioned below:


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Q1. Describe your feeling about being the No. 2 streamer in India and how you dealt with the Free Fire ban.

Yes, it's definitely a great feeling but I could have been in the first position if Free Fire had not been banned in the country. The ban period was on the tougher side as there was a significant drop in the viewership. But I think the ups and downs are part of the journey. Despite this, I continued to stream with a belief in myself.

Q2. Apart from Free Fire, what other games do you like to play the most?

Free Fire is the game that I play during live streams, however, whenever I go off-stream, I play FIFA23, GTA, and Call of Duty with my friends. Out of these three games, FIFA and GTA are my favorite titles that I play the most. I cannot stream these titles on my YouTube channel as it is against the rules of Garena.

Q3. Since Free Fire is about to make a comeback, what can we expect from the No.2 streamer Gyan Gaming?

I was 100% sure and confident that Free Fire would definitely return to India and now I am all geared up to livestream for long hours. Earlier, when the game was banned, a few of my teammates used to say that there was no point in playing a banned game. Since Free Fire India is all set to return, fans can expect long live streams and exciting gameplay from my side. Additionally, I also have a lineup to compete in Free Fire esports tournaments, and now I am looking forward to putting more attention towards it.

Q4. How excited is Gyan Gaming about Free Fire LAN tournaments?

LAN tournament is a whole different experience in itself. Usually what we see, is that teams play online matches, but when they get to sit together to compete against each other brings a lot of nervous and exciting moments. With fans cheering up in the arena, the competition gets even more intense as players focus on finishing their opponents and do a LOL emote after it.

Q5. Garena has partnered with the UP Government to conduct esports tournaments, How will this create an impact on the Indian Free Fire community?

In my opinion, this will motivate more and more youngsters to make a career in esports. Since Esports has been officially recognized in India, it will clear the doubts of Indian parents who usually hold back their children and push them more toward a traditional career. Overall, it will foster the growth of the Indian Free Fire community with new players and teams showcasing their skills.

Q6. What are your views on Garena's new rules and regulations related to age verification, time limit, and spending limit?

I feel Garena has done the right thing to bring these restrictions. Gaming is a great source of entertainment but without any compromise with the studies. One can surely opt for a career in esports and become a professional gamer if one plays well, but there should be a balance between the two. Hence, Garena has taken a great step in bringing these new rules and regulations.

Q7. Who are the top two players in the Indian Free Fire community that Gyan Gaming admires the most?

I don't think there are any top-two players because for me there's only one, and that is PAHADI GAMING. His gaming skills are just next level.  Also, the way takes down enemies using AWM is just exceptional, he is unique in his abilities, and nobody can play like him.

Q8. Is there any fan moment that has blown your mind?

Yes, there was a fan who came all the way from Kashmir to meet me. Another instance that took place was when a fan from Gujarat climbed into my house during the night and slept on the roof. This fan moment was kind of scary for me as I never expected it.

Q9. What's your take on the toxicity in the gaming community?

I have seen this a lot of times when fans of two different teams try to create unnecessary controversies. This needs to be stopped as fans need to understand that supporting a team doesn't mean that you start hating the other one. 

Gyan Gaming has emerged to be a gaming sensation among the masses. India's No.2 streamer would now be looking forward to hitting the global charts with his gameplay and livestreams on his YouTube channel. Free Fire is around the corner and is all set to make a comeback, hence, fans can expect more engaging content from the creator in the future. Fans can also watch this epic interview on the official YouTube channel of India Today Gaming.