Hogwarts Legacy Players Hope for More 'Boring' School Life in the Sequel

Hogwarts Legacy players express a desire for a more mundane school life in the sequel, highlighting the importance of everyday activities in the wizarding world.

In a surprising turn of events, players of the action RPG Hogwarts Legacy have taken to online forums to express their desire for more "boring" aspects in the game's sequel. These so-called "boring" parts include attending classes, doing homework, and experiencing everyday life as a student at Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Legacy 2 is much anticipated, but Warner Bros. Interactive hasn't released any official information about it despite rumours to the contrary. The game's passionate following nevertheless continues to hold out hope for a genuine successor. Fan ideas about what the upcoming installment might contain are rife in online forums. Players start these conversations with the hope that the game designers will take their suggestions into consideration and improve the immersive experience already attained in the first game.


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Reddit user praises routine quests: Tarp96 started a discussion on Reddit about how Professor Cuthbert Binns' lessons and quest line were some of the game's most interesting material. These chores were deeply tied to their respective subjects despite appearing simple and mundane. Tarp96 voiced the hope that the sequel's design team would include more of these kinds of adventures. It seems sense that they expect a larger emphasis on school-like activities in the primary storyline given that Hogwarts Legacy casts players in the role of actual students at the magical school.

The Community Shares Tarp96's Opinions: The community as a whole shared Tarp96's opinions, with others calling for a more thorough integration of academic activities beyond simple cutscenes. The lack of Quidditch in the game, the few interactions with the student duelling club, and the plethora of puzzles dispersed throughout the Hogwarts Legacy map were also topics of discussion. Some fans found Tarp96's comment hilarious given that Professor Binns' lessons were reported to be very boring and frequently put pupils to sleep in the Harry Potter universe.

The future of Hogwarts Legacy 2: If there is a follow-up to Hogwarts Legacy, the production team would be wise to take the player community's suggestions into consideration. The result, however, will rely on the complexities of production and development as well as if the creators would send gamers back to the revered halls of Hogwarts as freshmen.