Indus Battle Royal Game for iOS by SuperGaming, pre-order is live on the App Store.

Exclusive rewards for people pre-ordering the Indus Battle Royal Game on the App Store

SuperGaming's highly anticipated Indus Battle Royale game has created hype in the gaming community. Pre-orders for the Indo-Futuristic battle royale game, Indus, are now open for iOS users on the App Store. If you pre-order the Indus Battle Royale game on the App S then you will receive exclusive rewards once the game is launched. With over 11 million pre-registrations from Android users, the developers are now setting their sights on achieving similar success with iOS users.

The game has also been optimized for low-end devices, making the gameplay smooth and seamless. This step by the developers is taken to increase accessibility among the masses.


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About the game: 

Indus Battle Royal is a unique battle royale game that offers futuristic themes with an ancient Indian touch. Players play as Mythwalkers, warriors piloting Avatars, on the floating islands of Virlok. This Indo-Futuristic game offers a world with a fresh perspective on the game, with amazing landscapes and weapons inspired by Indian mythology like the Melee Weapon (three-bladed katara), Kismte CS10, Krodh, and many more. An alternate win condition with the thrill of the last man standing makes the game interesting and engaging. The winning condition is to secure the rare cosmium resource. This is a promising game, offering an immersive and strategic battle royal experience, unlike any other battle royal game. 

Here is what makes Indus stand out:

  • Indo-Futuristic settings
  • Mythwalker Warriors
  • Cosmium Win Condition
  • Strategic Gameplay
  • This is the game for people looking for a fresh take on the battle royale genre with a unique immersive world with strategic depth.
  • This is the perfect time for iOS users to get exclusive rewards and dive deep into the intense gunplay.