Instagram and Facebook Down Again! What's Wrong with Them?

There are more than 1800- reports of Instagram being down.

Once again Meta's two social media platforms Instagram and Facebook are down worldwide for many users According to Down Detector users across the world are facing issues in uploading pages and posting reels and photos.

Many users went on to Twitter to express their frustration. The hashtags #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown quickly gained traction as users sought information and vented their concerns. According to the Down Detector site, it reveals that the impacted Facebook users have reported issues related to profiles, uploading and website.


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Downdetector data showed that there were over 18 thousand reports of users facing problems with accessing the Instagram app. 59% of these users faced issues in accessing the Instagram app while 34% had server connection issues and 7% had issues in logging into the app.

Instagram users on the other hand said we are having problems while trying to log into their accounts. Out of 600 reports, 66 percent of users had app-related issues and 26 percent were not able to access the web version of Instagram. 

Facebook and Instagram have not released any official statement on this yet. This isn't the first time we have witnessed such issues while using Instagram and Facebook. In March 2024, we faced the same situation on both platforms.

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