Interaction With KGEN's Star Players of Web3 Gaming: Amritansh and Shivam

Here's the complete interview of eb 3 Star Players of Web3 Gaming of KGEN: Amritansh and Shivam

Recently we got to attend a Web 3 Gaming players event in Delhi organised by KGEN. Web3 Gaming is a novel concept and one of the fastest-growing streams in the gaming community. To understand how budding gamers can try their hands on this emerging phenomenon we interviewed two finest gamers of the Web3 gaming industry Amritansh and Shivam. They talked about the difference between Web3 gaming and traditional gaming, their first paycheck and more.

The first question is, what initially attracted you to Web3 gaming compared to traditional gaming platforms?

Amritansh: In traditional gaming, you don't get to earn that much if you're not at that level. For traditional gaming, you have to first make your name, you have to build your own thing, and then some big gigs will start earning in one, two, three. It's like Esport, then you will start earning. But in Web3, in the Kajun community, we as a clan chief or as a gamer earn for each game we play. It's very attractive for it, I guess. 


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Shivam: I would say the conthatwhich Kajana showed me in their educational sessions, where we know how Web 3 Gaming and the games that come with it give us total ownership and access to whatever assets we buy. So it feels great to me that when I buy a certain asset in a Web 3 ga me, it stays theand'st's for me to use whenever I want and if I want to sell it, then I can get the total amount of whatever the market value is that ti me, which is not something that is very, very happening with Webgames because our data is not with us.So I think this is sobeautifultractive for me as a gamer,
that Web 3 Gaming gives the gamers full ownership of their data.

What did you do with your first paycheck?

Amritansh: The first paycheck earned from Web3. I live in Delhi. I'm in third-year college student. I have lots of expenses of my own or everything. I beaonat my own through KGEN. Through KGEN, I'm on my own. I pay my rent, I pay my rent, I pay my bills. I bought my phone, everything. I do these things through KGEN. I guess it was with the help of KGEN. 

Shivam:  So the first paycheck I got by doing those quests and making my friends do quests was some 5,000 rupees which is still there because I chose not to spend that money because that was the first bit of money I made from anything after all. So it's still the mostost expensive thing you bought? 

Amritansh: Most expensive thing, there are many things, but iPhone, I have bought through this game.

Shivam: The most expensive thing that I bought was an iPhone. It was my high school dream you may say as many people had to buy an iPhone.So this is the most expensive thing I've ever bought with KGEN's money. So it's technically like I played games and got the iPhone.

Can you share any memorable experiences or achievements you have had with Web3 games? 

Amritansh: There are many experiences. Let's start with the beginning. When I joined Kajun, when I became clan chief first, I felt like Tarun was like, Tarun is the head of the community. I connected with him. In my first game, it was named Metaverse. In Metaverse, I did some 8-900 slots. For the gaming thing, I did 8-900 games. I made 8-900 people to play that game. As a clan chief, we make sure people join in your community and play through on your own. You join them and they play in your region. You are the K. You connect to your region and you get to your region. What happened to me was that most of the people, like I were very sad. I was not clear. But I thought, let's try to give it a chance again. Then up Karate Combatt and many games have come and I have done almost 20 3,000 slots. Slots in the sense I said I have made 30,000 to 20,000 people sit in a room, sit in different places and play that game.

Shivam: So regarding this, I have not been that fortunate but my clan members have been. So it feels very good when a clan member of your clan who plays games for you gets into the player leader board and grabs the first prize. So it's very encouraging for the players in my community and my fellow friends as well that playing in KGEN and grinding a particular game they like can give them extra money. So if lly like a game and if you've played more and you're good at it you can get money out of it.

How to become How to be successful in Web3.

Amritansh: So it's like you can say how to be successful. You have to just keep your consistency. I can say you have to just like if the game is coming, you have to start playing that. You have to make other people in your community, your friends, family, whoever you want to play, you can ask them to play. 

How much time does it take to become a clan chief from a clan member? 

Amritansh: No time. If you want to start your clan, just like you have a bunch of people, suppose you are in a group of 10 people, you can become a clan chief for that also. I will make sure that 10 people from my end will play that game. This is that much easy. 

Shivam: So the user flow is very very simple and fast. If a member or a gamer in KGEN just knows the flow of how to do quests the generic flow on how to navigate through the website what games to play how to play them I think becoming a clan chief is not that tough. So if you know your way around the website important markers to follow and steps to follow you can become a clan chief's end time soon.

What advice will you give to someone new to Web3 gaming? 

Amritansh: Consistency. No extra time is required to like, you can manage your studies. So just consistencand y, dedication. You have to be motivated. Starting where you will not able to do that much of like, you will not able to earn that much, but you have to be consistent and you have to build your co mmunity.Then it will be done.

Shivam: I would say as KGEN says it all the time now that we should get active on Twitter. It is sothatng which I was unaware of. I thought Twitter had to be the least productive thing on my phone but I was very wrong. So KGEN told me the importance of Twitter and how Twitter is the step-by-step guide of what you need to do and what you need to have in Web 3. So it's for all those people who don't know about Web 3 and it's for all those people who know a lot about Web 3 and have gained huge, huge, huge capital fro m Web 3.So I would say that if anybody wants to get into Web 3 gaming or get involved in Web 3 gaming Twitter is a good place.