Let’s know about Jane Doe, “Mouse Girl,” in Zenless Zone Zero, Character Details, and Leaks.


Zenless Zone Zero leaks suggest many upcoming characters and one of them might be an S-Rank agent called Jane Doe, aka “mouse girl” because of her mouse-like appearance.

Note: The information in this article is based on leaks, and it may change when officially released.


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Release date of “Mouse Girl”: Jane Doe might be released during the second phase of the Zenless Zone Zero 1.1 update.

In the official release trailer for ZZZ, MiHoYo showcased several characters, and one of them was “Jane Doe." Her appearance resembles that of a mouse, so people started calling her a mouse girl. But the recent leaks suggest that the tall female character with dark, short hair and a long, slim tail with mouse-like rounded ears is none other than “Jane Doe." She is a character that uses her tail with sharp edges to eliminate her enemies rather than using a physical weapon.

Leaked Skills: She is considered to be having very high damage. Her kit consists of CRIT attacks, and her dodge skills allow her to move through units. Her special skills include Air Grab, which enables her to leap into the air before using a flurry of deadly kicks. She could also enter a frenzy state, where her attack damage and CRIT rate increase for the duration. That will make this character overpowered.

It seems that Jane Doe might be an agent possessing flexibility and very high damage in combat. 

She will most likely be a member of the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team, a faction with New Eridu. 

That’s all we know about Jane Doe, the “mouse girl” in Zenless Zone Zero. Keep your eyes around for the official launch of this character, and stay tuned for more ZZZ updates!