Marvel's Avengers will not receive content support post March & to be delisted this October- announces developers Crystal Dynamics

Marvel's Avengers' final new story and content update is already out- nothing new to be added after Winter Soldier and Cloning Lab-Omega level. Here are all the details of the latest announcement on Marvel's Avengers.

Crystal Dynamics has announced in their update that they’ll be shutting down support for Marvel’s Avengers this September. The news comes following the departure of developers Crystal Dynamics from publishers Square Enix. 
While the developers mention in their announcement that “The decision was made in conjunction with our partners that now was the right time to make this change” there may be a couple of other things that led to this. Here’s everything that you need to know about these developments. 

Marvel’s Avengers to be delisted soon- Announcement Details

Developers Crystal Dynamics have announced in a post that the game will not receive any official support for content after September 30, 2023. On that note, the final update will be doled out on March 31, 2023, with Update 2.8. However, it will not bring any additions content wise, just some balancing updates amongst a few other things. Winter Soldier as a Hero and Cloning Lab Omega-Level, which was added with Update 2.7 last November, was the final content addition to the game. 


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Moving on, the controversial Marketplace which garnered a lot of criticism with its introduction, will be done away with. The developers have announced that “as a show of appreciation” for the community, they will make the Marketplace, Challenge Card and Shipment cosmetic content free for all. This includes all Outfits, Takedowns, emotes, and Nameplates. 

This may come as a disappointment to those who have spent money on this two-years old game in the past. As it is, the pay-to-win scheme of Marvel’s Avengers was never really appreciated by the gaming community. 

Additionally, all existing Credit balances will be converted to in-game resources, as they become un-purchasable with the upcoming Update 2.8. The announcement comes with a table illustrating the Credit to resource conversion. Check it out here.


As for the withdrawal of content support, following September 30, 2023, the game will not be digitally purchasable. However, if you own the game, you will be able to reinstall and access it whenever. This applies to both the single-player and multiplayer modes. The events like the Red Room Takeover will anyway continue to run in rotation every two weeks.  

The eventful background of Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers was never really popular amongst gamers. Being criticized right from the first Open Beta tests, to the introduction of the Marketplace and its purchasable XPs system, it has been a rocky ride for the game from the start. While popular Marvel heroes joined the roster of playable characters, the game couldn’t be redeemed by the updates that didn’t meet their release dates. Add to that the studio’s random shift to Unreal Engine 5 to develop the game, and a work environment that almost fell apart. 

After the departure of Crystal Dynamics from publishers Square Enix, the final blow probably came in the form of Lead Developer Brian Waggoner’s exit last November. As it is, Waggoner himself has been a highly controversial character associated with the studio. Additionally, reports suggested that he himself had plans of shutting down Marvel’s Avengers. Waggoner will reportedly not be replaced for Marvel’s Avengers. His team however is being shipped to the new Tomb Raider title from Crystal Dynamics and Amazon Games, thus marking the end of the development of Marvel’s Avengers.