Microsoft confirms it won’t have a physical presence at E3 2023 show floor

Microsoft has confirmed that it will not have a show floor presence at E3 2023. However, it will be co-streaming at the E3 Digital event.

Microsoft has been a regular participant in E3 events in the past, and they typically use the event as a platform to showcase their latest gaming products and services. However, this time the tech giant, Microsoft won’t have a show floor presence at E3 2023. Although it will be co-streaming their presentation as a part of the E3 digital. 

Given their history of participation in the event, it was reasonable to assume that they may be present at E3 2023, but ultimately it is up to Microsoft to decide whether they will attend the event or not.


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Microsoft will co-stream at E3 2023 

This year, Microsoft will co-stream their event at E3 Digital, according to a statement issued to IGN.

The statement read, “We can’t wait to host our Xbox Games Showcase on June 11 and will share more details later. We also look forward to co-streaming our event as part of E3 Digital and will not be on the E3 show floor.”

E3 Digital is an online event that takes place annually and showcases the latest developments in the video game industry. At E3 Digital, players can expect to see announcements of new games, updates on existing games, and previews of upcoming gaming hardware and software.

As of now, Ubisoft has confirmed its presence at E3 2023. Earlier, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot told VG247 that the company will be at the event “if E3 happens”.

E3 2023 is scheduled to take place this year from June 11 to June 16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC). On the other hand, E3 Digital will be running from June 11 to June 17. E3 digital will be streamed online for the audience to watch the event at their homes comfortably.