New State Mobile Update 0.9.49: Complete Patch and New Features

New State Mobile has revealed the changes arriving in the game with the latest 0.9.49 patch.

Krafton has officially announced the upcoming New State Mobile update 0.9.49 which is all set to go live on May 25. The game will be kept under maintenance on the same date for six hours to deploy the patch notes for the players. To create hype about the upcoming update, Krafton has revealed all details regarding the new features, weapons, cosmetics, and more.  

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming New State Mobile 0.9.49 patch notes -


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1. Revamped “Bounty Royale” Mode – The popular "Bounty Royale" game mode's remake is one of the update's standout features. To increase the joy and intensity of gunplay, AI players were not included in the new edition. Without using any AI characters, up to 32 human players can now create squads and engage in combat. The goal is to earn squad points by performing tasks or gathering information from "Generating Devices" that have been put on the battlefield. Some of the data that has been gathered is dropped when a player's character perishes, and other players can pick it up. After dying, players are eligible for unlimited redeployment. The winning squad is the one that survives after eliminating squads that don't gather a specified amount of data.

2. 90 FPS Graphics - The update adds improved graphics settings that are unlocked for high-end devices in addition to the redesigned game mode. To enhance the visual experience and overall immersion, players with devices capable of supporting 90FPS can now choose from higher-quality graphic alternatives.

3. New Weapon - A deadly Light Machine Gun (LMG) called the "MG5" has been added to the game. All NEW STATE MOBILE maps will feature the MG5, which fires 7.62mm ammo. Players can further improve the MG5's capabilities by installing the "Dedicated Extended Mag" upgrade, which boosts the magazine capacity from 50 rounds to 100 rounds. The reload speed is however impacted by this change. Additionally, "Incendiary Rounds" has been substituted for "SLR" in the Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) modification. An enemy hit by an incendiary round takes burn damage for 6 seconds, which impairs their accuracy.

4. Survivor Pass Vol.19 - A new version of Survivor Pass Vol.19 has also been released, with the "Blocker" of the GLC group serving as the main character. By completing all stages of the pass, players can receive goodies and get Blocker's character skin. Users can repurchase the "Imperial Guard Set" by switching to a legacy pass.