Overwatch’s broken game mode forces the players from switching to different games in Pve Mode

Overwatch 2 developed by Blizzard had been a joy to watch, although in recent times the ignorance of the updates done by the developers has created many questions in the mind of the users.

The fake promises done by the developers are convincing enough for engaging the players for staying for 6 years although the current scenario is surely not happy for overwatch as the users have been fed up waiting for a much better update and are searching for a much better-improved game.

 Whereas on the subreddit there has been an indication that players have emerged there interested in Valorant due to the FPS and the better gameplay which was hindering the players in Overwatch.


Popular Games

On the other hand, Valorant of Riot games have been the most emerging game currently on which the developers of League of Legends have said that Valorant has been convincing enough due to the reasons of their major updates within small time and also capturing the feedback of users which was surprisingly not even considered in Overwatch.

Whereas many users have claimed to be convinced after playing Valorant and have said that Valorant is not like League of Legends but more like CS: GO  but with heroes and much better gameplay.

One of the best features  where Valorant has the upper hand at overwatch is that Overwatch 
Focuses on gamers where they have the right of the master at only one agent/player whereas Valorent has over 18 agents after the new agents added named ‘Gekko’  which gives players a chance to learn new play styles within Controllers, Duelists, Initiators, and Sentinels which sounds quite interesting.

Although new players can face some issues while playing Valorant in the beginning as they have currently set a benchmark of gameplay understanding which takes a couple of days including aim, sensitivity, and much more.

But as every game has its loopholes, Valorant also doesn't have any  Pve mode which is usually not brought into the FPS Games where on the other hand players have been trying apex legends which consists of rands competition, legendary loot, and major battle royal map focusing on smoother gameplay, as there is no alternative of overwatch 2 players are switching to most featured games currently for a better experience in shooting and Pve Modes.