Shocking: Multi-time World champion Ray Rizzo not allowed in Pokemon’s biggest event

A sense of shock and confusion has been noticed in the Pokemon community as the former multi-time world champion Rizzo has been considered unqualified for the competition

An intense environment in the Pokemon community was announced by the un qualification at the biggest event of the Pokemon Commun of 3-time back-to-back World Champion Ray Rizzo has been uninvited along with players who got the day -1 invites other players also have been rejected due to the recent bugs that occurred within the game.

Rizzo along with other angry Asians has mentioned that this un qualification means that he has to play again for the spot at the competition which doesn't make sense and has been a very wrong decision by the community.


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Raymond Rizzo made history after earning a historic win in 2012 at the Championship held in Hawaii and becoming the only multi-time Championship winner of Pokemon after winning in 2011 in the world Championship and 2010 at the senior division after there was noticed a long break from the gamer whereas he emerged again in 2023 where he had been noticed grinding again in the competition and was almost ready fo securing another spot at the world champion competition until 17th may he was ruled out of the competition.
Now it was a difficult task for the Japanese circuit for selecting players, as their selecting players was much more similar to the world Championship where in 2 stages out of 150 players in stage 1 only 64 players will be given a chance for persuading further in the competition where Rizzo’s performance was quite an impeccable for everyone as the proceed after qualifying in furthermore matches.

Rizzo left behind in much big problem

After competing in the competition although Rizzo will not be competing in the 2nd stage due to and has to work hard for qualifying within stage 2 qualifying out of 128 players and reaching in top 64  where later they have to give the best out themselves as they may even have a chance of performing in the for earning the top 8 spot at the Scarlet and the Violet nationals further.

On which the VGC 3 time winner wrote a note saying that Pokemon is a natural luck-filled game there might be some players that will play against me or with me but that will not affect my gameplay.