Spnix's arrival plays a major role in the victory of team vitality

Team Vitality couldn't have asked for a major comeback in the tournament from Spinx assuring a major victory and breaking all the odds.

CS:GO  witnessed the first Israeli CS:GO major winner which news has been roaming around for a while and has been since then a fan favorite among the fans and gaming enthusiasts.

Vitality team had also ensured of overcoming all problems coming their way at the finals after tackling popular French player Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut who was trying his best for ensuring a comeback, but unfortunately, Lotan “Spinx” Giladi’s urge of winning was just enough for winning the title.
Spinx has an embracing stats of finishing top 3 and ensuring a 1.24 rating across the game  and this constant form and conditions under which Vitality is playing will also ensure future major wins for the team as well too which would a sight to watch 


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Although at the beginning of August 2022, the poor form was hindering Israel's form during the game which was considered a problem even by his teammates also where he could even barely achieve a 0.99 rating which was affecting his vitality too.

But surely we had noticed a major turn around and even in Rio 2023  only weeks before the events a change and a comeback were noticed 
Where team Vitality had beaten OG, Cloud9, and Heroic to claim the top spot and for having a major Run at the journey of Paris.
Later with the lead of Spinx, the squad bagged a sneaky go-through by securing 2nd position in ESL Pro League Season 15 but they weren't lucky enough as they had to face a slamming defeat to NAVI in the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 semi-finals.

But there is another reason they made it so far—one that was somewhat out of their hands. whereas the second reason the undefeated home-town Paris run is a remarkable achievement for the squad which acted major turnover for them