Tekken 7 characters will be making an epic comeback in Tekken 8!

A fresh leak spills the beans that Tekken 8's debut season pass will feature Lidia and Fahkumram from Tekken 7 as DLC combatants.

The game's roster is jam-packed with a diverse bunch of old favorites and fresh faces, ensuring there's something for everyone. Returning champs from Tekken 7, like Leroy Smith, Claudio Serafino, and Shaheen, are back in action, ready to throw down in the latest installment of the legendary fighting series.

Tekken 8 is gearing up for some exciting DLC action, with a season pass featuring four extra fighters. Kicking things off is none other than the legendary Eddy Gordo, a fan favorite who's been throwing down since Tekken 3. It's no surprise that Eddy made the cut, given his iconic status in the franchise and the buzz surrounding him from a leak back in December 2023. While Bandai Namco is keeping tight-lipped about the other three fighters, a fresh leak is dropping some tantalizing hints about who else might join the fray in the upcoming season pass.


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Dataminer Shootmans has dropped a bombshell on Twitter, sharing an epic thread that delves into the potential DLC roster for Tekken 8. According to Shootmans' findings, it seems like we'll be welcoming back some familiar faces from Tekken 7: none other than Fahkumram and Lidia. How did Shootmans crack the code? Well, it seems like some sneaky hints left in the game files, like a mysterious fighter hailing from Poland and another skilled in Muay Thai from Thailand, match up perfectly with Lidia and Fahkumram's profiles. Looks like these two are primed to make a triumphant return to the ring!

Fahkumram's Muay Thai skills caused quite a stir in Tekken 7, and while some fans were skeptical at first, he quickly won over many with his unique fighting style. Meanwhile, Lidia Sobieska made her mark as the final DLC character in Tekken 7, earning praise for her design and combat prowess.

But that's not all! Shootmans' data mining has revealed that Craig Marduk, a beloved fan favorite, is also set to join the fray. With evidence pointing to his return, it looks like Marduk fans will have plenty to celebrate.

As for release dates, Shootmans predicts that we can expect to see these characters hit the scene throughout summer, autumn, and winter of 2024. The order in which they'll be released remains a mystery, but one thing's for sure: Tekken 8's DLC lineup is shaping up to be one for the history books!

It seems like there's been a bit of a mix-up in the world of Tekken 8 leaks! Shootmans' latest findings diverge from a previous leak that suggested a different DLC lineup featuring Eddy, Xiao Meng, Armor King, and Roger. But fear not, because Shootmans has some theories about what might be happening behind the scenes.

According to Shootmans, Armor King and Anna Williams could be holding out for Season 2 DLC, while the mysterious Xiao Meng character might just be a case of someone pulling a fast one on the community. It's all speculation for now, though, so fans should take this latest leak with a grain of salt until Bandai Namco drops some official info about Tekken 8's upcoming DLC plans.

In the meantime, let the speculation continue, and keep those fingers crossed for your favorite characters to make the cut!