The Top 10 SMGs in Counter Strike 2

When it comes to close combat battles, SMGs are one of the best weapons to knock the enemy out.

In the fast-paced world of Counter-Strike 2, choosing the right SMG can make all the difference between victory and defeat. SMGs (Submachine Guns) are versatile weapons that excel in close to mid-range combat, making them ideal for fast-paced gameplay. With a range of options to choose from, we've compiled a list of the top 10 SMGs in Counter-Strike 2, based on their effectiveness, versatility, and overall impact in the game.

1. MP7


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The MP7 is a compact, lightweight SMG known for its high rate of fire and excellent accuracy. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for both aggressive play and defensive maneuvers. With its manageable recoil and solid damage output, the MP7 is a reliable weapon in the hands of a skilled player.

2. UMP-45

The UMP-45 is a staple in the SMG category, known for its high damage output and affordability. Its armor penetration capability makes it a formidable choice against armored opponents, and its moderate fire rate ensures controlled bursts for precise aiming. The UMP-45 is a balanced SMG suitable for a variety of play styles.

3. P90

The P90 is a legendary SMG renowned for its large magazine capacity and exceptional mobility. Its high rate of fire combined with minimal recoil makes it a force to be reckoned with in close-quarters combat. While it may lack the armor penetration of other SMGs, the P90's sheer firepower and ease of use make it a top contender in any match.

4. MP5-SD

The MP5-SD offers a unique twist on the classic MP5, featuring an integrated suppressor for stealthy engagements. This silenced SMG is ideal for flanking maneuvers and sneak attacks, offering reduced noise and muzzle flash. Its versatility and adaptability to different play styles make the MP5-SD a valuable asset in the arsenal of any Counter Strike 2 player.

5. PP-Bizon

The PP-Bizon stands out with its massive 64-round magazine, allowing for sustained fire and suppressive tactics. While its damage output may be lower compared to other SMGs, the PP-Bizon's capacity for sustained fire makes it a force to be reckoned with in close-quarters engagements, especially against multiple opponents.

6. MAC-10

The MAC-10 is a compact and affordable SMG known for its high rate of fire and mobility. While its damage falloff over range may limit its effectiveness in mid-range combat, the MAC-10 excels in close-quarters encounters, making it a favorite among aggressive players who favor speed and firepower.

7. MP9

The MP9 is a lightweight and maneuverable SMG that offers great accuracy and controllability. Its fast rate of fire and minimal recoil make it an effective choice for aggressive pushes and hit-and-run tactics. While its damage may be modest compared to other SMGs, the MP9's versatility and ease of handling make it a solid choice in the right hands.

8. PP-19 Bizon

The PP-19 Bizon distinguishes itself with its uniquely large 64-round magazine and manageable recoil. While its damage output may be modest, the PP-19 Bizon's capacity for sustained fire and suppression makes it an asset in close-range encounters, particularly in densely populated areas of the map.

9. MP5/SD6

The MP5/SD6, a classic from previous iterations of Counter-Strike, remains a staple choice for players who favor balance and accuracy. With its moderate rate of fire and moderate damage output, the MP5/SD6 offers stability and control in close to mid-range engagements, making it a dependable choice for players who prioritize accuracy over sheer firepower.

10. MP40

Rounding out our list is the MP40, a reliable and affordable SMG known for its solid damage output and manageable recoil. While it may lack the finesse of other high-tier SMGs, the MP40's affordability and effectiveness in close-quarters combat make it a viable choice for players looking for a dependable and cost-effective weapon.

In conclusion, the SMG category in Counter Strike 2 offers a diverse range of options, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Whether you prefer high firepower, mobility, or stealth, there's an SMG to suit every play style.