The Zenless Zone Zero leak reveals new characters with kits of two upcoming characters. 

Zenless Zone Zero leaks have revealed the kits of two upcoming characters and several expected characters shortly.

Zenless Zone Zero is the latest game from HoYoverse, which is available for PC, PS5, and mobile devices (IOS and Android). Some other popular titles by the company are Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail and Honkai Impact, which became the basis for the popularity of the new action RPG ZZZ (Zenless Zone Zero), launched on July 4, 2024.

Recently, leaks suggest that there could be the launch of new characters in ZZZ, but the thing to keep in mind is that the list is sourced from leaks, which are subjective and subject to change. Readers must consider this information while reading it further. 


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Sometime shortly, the following playable agents could be seen in Zenless Zone Zero:

Qingyi: Leaks revealed the kit of this playable character and her normal attack, which is made up of the skills One Attack, Drunken Flower Cloud, Flashover, and Drunken Flower Moon Cloud. The support techniques are Feng Ru Song, Icing on the Cake, Qingjiangying and her Linking Techniques, Taping Ling, and the Eight Sounds of Ganzhou. Qingyi’s Dodges are Passing Wild Geese, Break, and Endless. 

Seth is a male character, and the leaks revealed his kit. The supporting techniques of this character are military support, thunder shield, and law and order, while his linking techniques are called final sanction and justice will prevail. Seth’s Dodges are Obstacle Avoidance, Lightning Force, and Defense as Offense. His core technologies are Warden and High Spirited, and Seth’s special skills are called Lighting Shield Charge and Lightning Shield Charge—High Volt.

Miyabi is a female character that is to be released with version 1.1. She was already showcased during beta testing, but surprisingly, she was absent in version 1.0 of Zenless Zone Zero. It is expected that she would be an S-rank character.

Nocha: A male character, aKA "BlackCat." This ZZZ agent shares the same structure as Billy Kid and Ben Bigger. The rarity and further information are unknown for the time being. 

Asaba: The only information about this character is that it would be a member of the Section 6 faction. 

Yanagi: Information surrounding this character is still scarce.

Caesar: A female playable character.

Bernice White is expected to be a female playable character. Further information about this character is still unknown. 

From the above-listed characters, Asaba, Qingyi, and Yanagi are expected to be playable characters, and the characters might be released by version 1.2 of ZZZ.

As of now, the playable characters in Zenless Zone Zero are:

  • Anton Ivanov
  • Ben Bigger
  • Grace Howard
  • Koleda Belobog
  • Zhu Yuan
  • Anby Demara
  • Billy Kid
  • Nekomid Mana
  • Nicole Demara
  • Soukaku
  • Luciana de Motefio
  • Piper wheel
  • Alexandria Sebastiane
  • Corin Wickes
  • Ellen Joe
  • Von Lycaon