Trinity Gaming partners with Everdome to build Web3 adoption in India

India's Trinity Gaming has partnered with Everdome, a hyper-realistic metaverse giant to build the first virtual Mars community.

Trinity Gaming India, a gaming content and marketing company with access to over 40 million gamers, has teamed up with Everdome, a leading hyper-realistic metaverse giant, to build the first virtual Mars community. 
The gaming company wants to help the Indian gaming industry grow and move more quickly from Web2 to Web3. Under this agreement, Trinity Gaming will engage the Indian gaming market for the metaverse phase.

Trinity Gaming will gain access to real estate on the virtual Mars and allocate space to content creators, esports organizations, brands, and companies. This will enable trade of virtual assets and create more freedom in the (P2E) play-to-earn, Web3, Crypto, and NFT gaming sectors to boost their immersive experiences.
EmChain FZE, a blockchain-based company, and Trinity Gaming have worked together on this relationship. They recently revealed how this collaboration would support a USD 10 million content business in the Indian Web 3 & Blockchain gaming market. Around 40 million captive players and creators in the web3 & blockchain space will get benefits in the form of training, mentoring, and revenue streams as part of the agreement between Trinity Gaming and EmChain.


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The content creators will be able to interact with their audience more deeply, establish and develop their brand within a high-quality metaverse environment, use the future marketplace as a venue for any in-world transaction, or simply build a virtual home.

On the other hand, Emchain will ensure that content creators are trained and mentored to keep up with the technological advancements in the global game industry.

Everdome was introduced at the beginning of 2022 and had since quickly amassed a community of 500,000+ fans and about 90,000+ unique wallets holding the utility token $DOME. Along with ten key collaborations that came to a successful conclusion with an outstanding trust score of 90/100 and a series of digital land auctions that had a 98% sell-out rate.