Ubisoft announces its new smartphone game, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mobile with the announcement trailer

Ubisoft’s latest game will launch on Android and iOS with the cross-play ability and the free-to-play model. Here is everything Rainbow Six Siege fans need to know about the Rainbow Six Mobile including the similarities and differences.

Game publisher and distributor, Ubisoft is finally bringing its Rainbow Six Siege franchise to smartphones with Rainbow Six Mobile. As part of the official announcement, the company shared a trailer highlighting pre-alpha stage footage and gameplay of the game. We also saw in-engine cinematics in the announcement trailer along with some of the Rainbow Six Siege. The reveal comes just weeks after the initial leaks around a smartphone game first surfaced on the internet. Here is everything Rainbow Six Siege fans need to know about the Rainbow Six Mobile including the similarities and differences.

Rainbow Six Mobile announced: announcement trailer and more

The announcement trailer features the 5v5 multiplayer mode, one of the most popular modes in the PC and console versions. Rainbow Six Mobile also retains destructive environments and reinforcement of walls in the attackers versus defenders mode. The trailer also showed the tactical shooting abilities through different operators and weapons that have become synonymous with Rainbow Six Siege. We also got our first look at the different types of equipment coming with the game including robots, controlled explosives, and more.

Ubisoft has only confirmed the Bank and Border maps for Rainbow Six Mobile including the "Bomb" and "Secure Area" modes. The game publisher also revealed that players can sign up on their official website for a chance to playtest the game during its development. Other features coming to the game include cross-play between iOS and Android, a customizable control scheme, and more. Players would also be able to customize the weapons and the load-outs of their operators to make use of tactical gadgets. 

The launch website for the game has announced 10 operators as the developer looks to add more with time. Ash, Sledge, Twitch, Thermite, and Hibana will be playable as attacking operators and Caveira, Bandit, Smoke, Valkyrie, and Mute as defending operators in Rainbow Six Mobile. 

Rainbow Six Mobile’s Creative Director Justin Swan said that the mobile game’s announcement is only the beginning. He added that the mobile version is a free-to-play “full-fat version of Rainbow Six Siege” that players have enjoyed on PC and consoles. Ubisoft is looking to expand the audience of the Rainbow Six franchise as mobile gaming would attract more players. He also explained that the mobile and console versions of Rainbow Six can be connected via Ubisoft Connect. Swan clarified that players will not be able to use credits earned in one of the games and use them in the other game.