VALORANT is Now Making It's Debut to Consoles, Beta Testing Starting Shortly

The expansion to consoles is a significant development for VALORANT, which initially focused exclusively on PCs when it launched four years ago.

Riot Games, maker of the popular first-person shooter game VALORANT, announced that the game will make its debut on console, marking a milestone in the expansion beyond PC. It was announced at the 2024 Summer Game Fest live event on June 7, with the beta testing of the console version a few days later. The introduction of cross-platform progress allows players to share their inventory and gameplay progress across platforms, tied to their VALORANT account This means players can play easily on both PC and consoles, with a single approach to their game data.

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Riot Games has also promised to release additional content including agents, maps and live service features simultaneously on console and PC. This means that all players, regardless of platform, can access the same updates and features simultaneously. The expansion to consoles is a huge development for VALORANT, which initially focused exclusively on PCs when it was launched four years ago. However, with the hiring of new staff in June 2023, it became clear that Riot is ready to bring the game to a wider audience.


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The upcoming VALORANT console generated a lot of excitement among veteran and new players, who are eager to experience the game on the new platform when the beta testing phase begins next week for players to get a first look at how the game works on consoles and feedback to help shape the final product Can claim Overall, this expansion marks a pivotal moment in VALORANT's history, and those who like it the game is eagerly awaiting a chance to play on consoles.

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