VALORANT: When can we expect the next Night Market?


In the world of VALORANT, getting your hands on those coveted skins can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster ride. Enter the Night Market, a quirky limited-time event where six random skins you don't already own pop up for sale. It's like a surprise party for your gun collection!

But here's the catch: while some lucky players strike gold with their Night Market picks, others end up feeling a bit underwhelmed, especially if they've already decked out their arsenal. Still, the thrill of cracking open those Night Market packs and sharing the excitement with your pals has become quite the trend in the VALORANT community. Who knows? You might just stumble upon that one skin you've been dreaming about!


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While you can't reroll any items in the Night Market, there's always a glimmer of hope for snagging that dream skin on your next go-around. The VALORANT Night Market is a recurring event that swings by once every Act, giving you another shot at scoring your Recon Phantom, Reaver Vandal, or Prime Karambit. Mark your calendars and keep your eyes peeled—this is one event you won't want to miss!

The upcoming VALORANT Night Market kicks off on Wednesday, April 10, and runs until Monday, April 29. While your regular store refreshes daily with standard pricing during this time, keep in mind that the Night Market won't feature the newest skins right after their release. Typically, these skins become available in the Night Market after two Acts. Also, Exclusive and Ultra tier skins, along with limited-time event bundles like Arcane or VCT Champions skins, won't be up for grabs in the Night Market.

  1. Prism
  2. Prism II
  3. Prism Reloaded (Outlaw skin excluded)
  4. Chromedek
  5. Altitude
  6. Origin
  7. Prime
  8. Prime//2.0
  9. Tethered Realms
  10. Gaia’s Vengeance
  11. Neptune
  12. Soulstrife
  13. Oni
  14. Black.Market
  15. Valiant Hero
  16. Convex
  17. Galleria
  18. Sensation
  19. Endeavor
  20. Infantry
  21. Reverie
  22. Smite
  23. Luxe
  24. Rush
  25. Daydreams
  26. Intergrade
  27. Abyssal
  28. Kohaku & Matsuba
  29. Sakura
  30. Tigris
  31. Titanmail
  32. Sarmad
  33. Luna
  34. Aristocrat
  35. Minima
  36. Silvanus
  37. Wasteland
  38. Avalanche
  39. Horizon
  40. Nunca Olvidados
  41. Team Ace
  42. Snowfall
  43. Winterwunderland
  45. Celestial
  46. Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster
  47. Spline
  48. Cryostasis
  49. Nebula
  50. Xenohunter
  51. Recon

When the Night Market kicks off, keep an eye out for a sleek black box in the top-right corner of your screen. Click on it, and you'll unveil six color-coded cards, each concealing a tempting deal on a gun or knife skin. Swipe through the cards to reveal the discounted offers tailored just for you.

Unlike the standard Daily Store, where skins come at regular prices, the Night Market brings discounts ranging from 10 to 49 percent off. While the savings can be substantial, they might not always blow you away. Plus, remember, each player gets their own unique Night Market, so your offers could be different from your friend's.