Valorant's new Indian Agent- Harbor, aka Varun Batra revealed by Riot Games; Find out availability, gameplay & other details

Riot Games has finally revealed the next agent joining Valorant, the highly anticipated Captain Varun Batra, or Harbor. Here's everything new on Valorant's first Indian agent, Harbor.

After months of teasing, Riot Games has finally revealed its first Indian agent for Valorant- Harbor, AKA Captain Varun Batra. Harbor’s water-bending abilities have been revealed with a new trailer on October 12, and a new gameplay trailer on October 13. While both are impressive, we Indians are now exceptionally excited, about this new agent, given that he’s from our country. So let’s dive straight into the details of this new Indian agent, Harbor. 

Harbor’s backstory as revealed in the trailer

We already knew that Harbor is being hunted by the Realm, led by Captain Greaves, as revealed in the earlier teasers. In the trailer we saw the events that led to Batra being termed as a “fugitive under investigation”. We get to see the “relic” or the “artifact” too, that we’ve come across so many times in various teases. Clearly, Batra didn’t try to murder Greaves, unlike what he claimed and it was the other way around. However, the point is, he still has the coveted artifact, and the gameplay trailer shows that he can fact use it. But more on that later. Check out the reveal trailer for Harbor right here.


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Harbor’s powers

A gameplay trailer has also been released, revealing the various special abilities and powers that Harbor has. As was anticipated, he is a water bender. He can create walls of water, much like Phoenix’s wall of fire, or Viper’s wall of venom. He can also make these water barriers move against enemies, much like a wave, which will weaken them during combat. Additionally, he can create an orb of water like Jett’s Cloudburst, but here it acts as a shield guarding you against bullets. 

Coming to the artifact, it grants Harbor his ultimate power- Reckoning. It basically allows Harbor to summon a “geyser pool”, successive attacks of which are going to render significant damage. 

Harbor will join Valorant as a Controller Agent on October 18. He is a part of Episode 5 Act 3 which begins on the same day.