Video Games Day Special Podcast: Insights from Mythpat, Gamerfleet, Techno Gamerz, and Pranav Panpalia

Explore the intimate world of gaming icons as they share triumphs, setbacks, and hidden talents in a candid interview.

In the world of gaming and entrepreneurship, these four names reign supreme. These four names are undisputed leaders in the gaming and business worlds. Who doesn't know the names of Mythpat, Gamerfleet, Techno Gamerz, and Pranav Panpalia? In this draft we will dive into the conversation with our supreme ITG anchor Musab Zaman, which we had with the legendary creators, looking at their triumphs, setbacks, and self-discoveries.


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We got a glimpse into their personalities beyond the gaming world. The banter started with a playful question, "Kitna Kama Liya hai?" as they teasingly compared their earnings. The conversation quickly delved into personal relationships. They discussed the importance of family and friends in their lives, with varying perspectives on what father, mother or siblings, or friends mean to them.

When asked about the biggest flex, YouTube spoke about his car. They discussed their fears, their connection with their audience, and the love they receive from fans was a heartwarming topic. They expressed gratitude for the unwavering support from their subscribers. Their favorite video games ranged from classic titles to modern releases, showcasing their versatile gaming interests. The debate between PC and console gaming brought out different preferences, with each influencer making a strong case.

They discussed their favourite games from their youth as well as the hardest ones. They also shared their go-to snacks and beverages for gaming, giving us a peek into their gaming routines. They provided fast advice for aspiring content producers, focusing on consistency, uniqueness, and passion. They had different tastes in gaming genres, but they all shared a passion for games that were full of action.

Later in the interview, we started questioning the influencers one by one. First of all the interviewer started with Mythpat who is a well-known Indian YouTuber and content producer who is well-known for his amusing commentary and engaging gaming videos. He has a sizable fan base thanks to his gaming content, and he is now well-known in the Indian gaming scene.


  1. How has your gaming life changed after marriage? Can you explain those transitions? Mythpat humorously responded, "Oh, marriage has been a real game-changer, quite literally! Urmila, my wife, has this uncanny ability to spot me gaming or watching TV late at night with that pesky screen light. Let's just say she's given me some high-level scolding raids, and I've had to level up my sneakiness to ninja status. But all jokes aside, it's about finding the right balance, and I'm working on it."
  2. How do you manage the expectations and demands of your gaming audience while maintaining a healthy work-life balance after your marriage? He shared, "You know, some things have changed after marriage. I used to spend more time gaming and creating content, but now I have to allocate time for family and responsibilities. It's essential to communicate with my audience about this shift in my schedule. They've been quite understanding, and I appreciate their support. It's all about maintaining that delicate balance between work, gaming, and personal life."
  3. With the comeback of BGMI and Free Fire, which game out of them has a significant hold on the Indian market? Mythpat replied, "BGMI is indeed making a comeback, and it has a substantial presence. But personally, I've always had a soft spot for Free Fire. I think both games are here to stay."

Techno Gamerz

  1. What was your reaction when the Battle Stars team reached out to you to pick you as a character in the game? Techno Gamerz: 

    When the Battle Stars team reached out to me and asked to include me as a character in their game, I was absolutely thrilled! It was a surreal and humbling experience. Being part of such a game was an honor, and I couldn't be more excited about it.

  2. Is the Indian gaming community driven more towards Battle Royal games? Techno Gamerz: Yes, the Indian gaming community does have a significant interest in Battle Royale games. These games, such as PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, have garnered massive followings in India due to their competitive and immersive nature. However, it's important to note that the Indian gaming community is diverse, with interests spanning across various gaming genres, including MOBAs, first-person shooters, and more. So while Battle Royale games have a substantial following, there is a wide range of gaming preferences within the community

  3. Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations in the gaming industry that you're excited about and can share with your fans? Techno Gamerz: 

    I've got some exciting game reviews and collaborations in the pipeline that I can't wait to share with my fans. There are some projects which will get revealed till the end of the year.  

OpraahFX (Pranav)


  1. Could you share some success stories or memorable moments from your journey with OpraahFX that highlight the positive impact of influencer marketing in the digital age? OpraahFX shared, "We've helped brands achieve remarkable growth through influencer marketing. One memorable moment was when we collaborated with an influencer who shared a video of the Mini Cooper. It had a significant impact, influencing many people to buy the car. It's moments like these that highlight the positive impact of influencer marketing in the digital age."

  2. Collaborations with iconic figures like Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli must have been exciting. Can you share some insights into these collaborations and how they have influenced your approach to influencer marketing? OpraahFX mentioned, "Collaborating with iconic figures like Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli has been truly exciting. These partnerships not only boosted our credibility but also opened doors to more influencer collaborations. One unforgettable moment was when I got into the car with Sachin Tendulkar for a one-on-one interview. It was surreal as I got to witness his down-to-earth nature and comfort in front of the camera."

  3. In the early days of OpraahFX, educating brands about influencer marketing was a challenge. How have you seen perceptions and attitudes towards influencer marketing change over time, and what role did OpraahFX play in this transformation? OpraahFX reflected, "In the early days of OpraahFX, educating brands about influencer marketing was quite a challenge. However, over time, we've seen a significant shift in perceptions and attitudes. Brands now recognize the value of influencer marketing in reaching their target audience effectively. OpraahFX has played a pioneering role in this transformation, helping brands understand the immense potential of influencer partnerships."


  1. What was the turning point in your career, and how did the support of influencers like Samay Raina and Tanmay Bhat contribute to your growth as a content creator? Gamerfleet shared, "The turning point in my career was quite unique. I had been working hard for a long time, but nothing seemed to go viral. Then, something incredible happened. Samay Raina's audience started watching my content, and soon after, Tanmay Bhat's audience joined in. Their support and mentorship played a significant role in my growth as a content creator. It was a game-changer."

  2. What motivated you to continue your gaming content creation even after facing obstacles like the end of free internet service from Jio? He continued, "Even when obstacles like the end of free internet service from Jio came my way, my motivation remained unwavering. The love and support of my fans, along with my sheer passion for gaming, were my driving forces. I couldn't let these hurdles stop me. It's important to mention that my sister was a pillar of support during this journey, standing by me through all the challenges. That kind of support makes it easier to push through the toughest times."

The four creators unexpectedly found themselves participating in a quiz about video games and pop culture throughout the interview. As they answered inquiries about gaming history, well-known figures, and even the imaginary language used in The Sims, laughter filled the room.

What began as a straightforward quiz rapidly developed into a lively and enjoyable discussion and banter. The authors discussed their ideas, corrected one another, and acknowledged their shared love of video games. It ended up being an unanticipated but enjoyable highlight of the conversation, displaying their friendship and enthusiasm for the game industry.

The four creators were equally intrigued and perplexed by the riddles as they were put into the mix of challenging and entertaining questions during the interview. As they attempted to solve these puzzles, laughter erupted around the room.

However, one player started to stand out as the questions got harder. The manager of influencers, Pranav, has shown a remarkable aptitude for solving each of these conundrums separately. The others were amazed by his talent for deciphering puzzles.

When it was all said and done, Pranav was declared the indisputable champion of the tough question challenge, adding still another level of fun to their lively discourse.

The creators participated in a brief round of rapid-fire questions to bring the conversation to a successful conclusion. They addressed a series of amusing and light-hearted queries with brisk and clever answers. It was the ideal way to end their interesting and enlightening discussion, leaving everyone with a smile and a feeling of camaraderie.

These four people are still an inspiration and a source of innovation in the gaming and business worlds. They have made a lasting impression on the industry with everything from their gaming experiences to their commercial endeavors and personal views. With their enthusiasm, commitment, and unflinching dedication to their profession, these titans set the example for the gaming community as it continues to develop.

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