When is Smite 2 expected to come out?

The upcoming release of Smite 2 is poised to revolutionize the Smite universe, bringing beloved heroes from the original 2014 game into the modern gaming era with enhanced graphics and updated MOBA gameplay. This includes comprehensive changes to every character, class, item, and the core Conquest mode, promising a fresh and exhilarating experience for both veterans and newcomers alike.

While Smite has long been hailed as the "console MOBA," a title the HiRez developers deem essential in the gaming landscape of the 2020s, Smite 2 represents an opportunity for the team to enact significant improvements and innovations. With a renewed focus on refining and optimizing the game's mechanics, Smite 2 aims to elevate the MOBA experience to new heights, delivering unparalleled excitement and depth to players around the world.


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Excitement is building for Smite 2 as eager fans anticipate the first closed beta, set to kick off on July 30, 2024. Players who have purchased the Founder's Edition will have the exclusive opportunity to dive into the gameplay from this date onward.

HiRez has officially confirmed the beta date on Steam, with multiple mentions of July 30 listed on the Smite 2 page. While the exact timing of the release remains to be announced, developers are expected to finalize these details in the coming months. If past updates are any indication, players can likely anticipate an early morning drop, with previous Smite patches rolling out around 4am EST on update days. Get ready to embark on an epic new adventure in the world of Smite 2!

With the 24/7 closed beta for Smite 2 set to launch at the end of July, there's speculation that HiRez may opt for a year-long development cycle before unveiling the game's full release. This timeline aligns with predictions from Chisam, hinting at a potential full release around the same time in July 2025.

Allowing Smite 2 to simmer and evolve over the course of twelve months would provide developers ample time to fine-tune and polish the game, ensuring a stellar experience for players upon its official launch. While exact release dates remain subject to confirmation, a July 2025 debut seems plausible given the current trajectory and development plans for Smite 2. Keep an eye out for further updates as the journey towards the game's release unfolds!