India Today Gaming: 1v1 with Charu Desodt, Production Director at Interior Night

As part of the latest iteration of 1v1 with India Today Gaming, we sat down with Charu Desodt, Production Director at Interior Night. The conversation focused on BAFTA India and its Breakthrough India initiative.

We are back with a new episode of 1v1 with India Today Gaming, our interview series where we sit down with industry experts to talk about gaming. This time, we got an opportunity to talk about video game development with Charu Desodt, Production Director at Interior Night. In addition, we also spoke about BAFTA Breakthrough, a talent hunt and nurturing program and its Indian iteration.

As noted, we spoke about BAFTA Breakthrough and its India chapter to help find and support emerging talent. Beyond this, we also discussed the changes that Charu has seen in the video game development industry during her time. She also outlined the challenges that game developers face and the improvements she wishes to see. We also talked about her experience back when she won the award in 2014, the universal nature of gaming in the future, and more. Check out the complete interview below.

For some context, Charu is a video game industry veteran who has worked on several high-profile video game titles. As part of a 22-year long career, Charu has worked with Sony Microsoft, and other video game development giants. She won the Breakthrough Brit BAFTA award back in 2014 after scoring a nomination for Game innovation in 2013. In addition to past wins, she is also a Juror for the British Academy Games Awards. It is worth noting that Charu was also on the list of Top 100 Women in Gaming by the MCV/Develop Magazine. Some of the games that she has helped develop include SingStar, DanceStar Party, and Book of Spells. Currently, she is working on the upcoming title, “As Dusk Falls” at Interior Night.