Bye-Bye Only up, we'll miss you on Steam!

Only up has left Steam as a whole, while we couldn't be more upset about this wonderful mind-numbing game. But everything happens for a reason, and we're here to explain it to you.

So, it's kinda surprising that Only Up got pulled from Steam, right? I mean, it had this crazy surge in popularity on Twitch, and folks were really getting into its super tough platformer vibe. But hey, game developers make decisions for all sorts of reasons, and sometimes that means yanking a game off a platform.

Seems like there might've been some controversies swirling around the game, and that can make things pretty tricky. Especially for indie Devs, figuring out the whole game distribution and player feedback deal can be a real maze. Maybe the Devs just felt it was the best move for them right now.


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But whatever's behind this choice, it's a reminder of how wild the gaming world can be. One minute a game's riding high, and the next, it's gone. Gonna be interesting to see how this shakes out for both the developers and the players who were digging Only Up while it lasted.

Totally get why the solo Dev of Only Up wants to take a breather. Game development, especially going solo, can be crazy stressful. Handling the community, dealing with controversies, and keeping those updates coming—it's a lot for one person.

And hey, it's a bummer for the fans when a game disappears, but the Dev's well-being should come first. Game development can be a wild ride, and it's all about finding that balance.

The cool thing is that game development is always evolving, and Devs learn tons from each project. Even though Only Up's gone, those experiences are gonna shape what comes next for this Dev.

And if you grabbed Only Up while it was around, don't worry, you'll still have it in your Steam library. So, you can chill and play it whenever you want, even if new folks can't snag it.

Good luck to the Dev on their game development journey, and let's see what they cook up next!