Destiny shins their way of gaming after the big failure of Overwatch 2

Destiny 2 plays a major substitute role after there has been a decline noticed in Overwatch 2, and many other games may emerge too.

t has been pretty harsh seeing people leaving Overwatch 2 after the controversy of the PeV issues, but it was quite a  help of aid for other players like Valorant, warfare 2 and now the new name added to the list is Destiny 2.

On 17th March many sub red dit users made a statement that after Overwatch 2 games like Bungie and Destiny 2 have been a great asset of a  game to enjoy and have been impressive through their PVP and PvE modes as well and this was not just one subreddit comment.


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As there have been many players appreciating Destiny 2 for its gameplay, change, weapons, animations, and many more as the list ends even though Destiny 2 wasn't a convincing factor in the beginning but now that game has been playing one of the bigger roles in gaming too.
The games which are praised now have also opted for blizzard entertainment earlier had changed their sides later on, one of the names that arises in mind is Blizzard as the developers had removed many entertaining things which were much more enjoyable, things like removing player fall base were crucial decision, but as per the users, Bungie made its comeback as it believed in the feedback of the player and in adding new features and much more in the game all which weren't available in overwatch 2 of the blizzard.

Whereas some users also believe now that Destiny 2 and Bungie have been giving better gameplay that even users ignore the loops hole of the game, things like broken storyline too.

So we can agree that if a game fails for delivering to its users it might face the same situations as the gaming industry is getting too stiffed with increasing and more realistic gameplay its nice to see games like Destiny 2 and Bungie making themselves a mark by developing their games on a constant speed and normal growth and appreciated because of the fall out of overwatch 2. on the other hand overwatch 2’s replacement might arrive in season 6 as a co-op playlist.