E3 2023 dates, format, venue and more has been officially announced

E3 will finally be taking place physically at its signature LA Convention Center in June and it will be following a new format for the four-day event.

E3 2023 date and format have been revealed by ReedPop, the new organiser for the gaming showcase event. ReedPop has divided E3 into four days split between business and consumer events. The first two days of E3 2023 will be for business events only. E3 will open up on day 3 for both businesses and consumers while the final day will be exclusively for the consumers. Here’s a closer look at what E3 will offer next year and also the dates for E3.

E3 2023 format, venue and schedule

E3 will finally be taking place physically at its signature LA Convention Center from June 13 to June 16, as revealed by GamesIndustry.biz. The venue will be split into two major sections to separate B2B and consumers. To kick off E3, June 13 and 14 will be dedicated solely to businesses. There will be a mixture of both business and consumer guests on June 15 and that’s where the separate halls come into play. E3’s final day will only be open for consumers on June 16.

There will be “quieter, more comfortable booths” in one-half of the LA Convention Center which will be reserved for business folks and it will serve as an area for networking. ReedPop, which will be taking over the event responsibility from ESA, is also planning on reopening the Kentia Hall to serve business purposes.

While the other half of the LA Convention Center will be representing the video game showcase event as it is remembered, that section would still only be open for business attendees for the first two days. There will also be an E3 app that can be used to hold meetings in a dedicated meeting space at E3. As for the consumers starting June 15 onwards, they'll get to check out various indie games shown by indie publishers at the Concourse Hall. There will be several game presentations running throughout the course of E3 which fans can watch online or in person.

E3 will support all game announcements, potentially including Summer Game Fest 

E3 2023 will have an emphasis on supporting various presentations made during the E3 week. Hence, they’ll be showing support for titles irrespective of whether they’re officially a part of the event or not. That could mean that E3 would indeed support Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest which filled a major gap left by E3 this year. While there’s not much more to report about E3, it’s worth noting that ReedPop is an organisation which owns various video games publications including Eurogamer, GamesIndustry.biz, VG247 and more. ReedPop has conducted various events including New York Comic Con and several PAX events.