ESPL 2 Invitational Qualifiers Week 2 live now; here is all you need to know

The final phase of the selection rounds for ESPL 2 LAN Finals starts today, with League Play 2. Here's where you can learn about what's coming up next.

India Today Gaming and Tecno Pova 3 presents ESPL 2 is well into its fifth week. The Invitational Qualifiers are now on, and this is the second week of this phase of the tournament. We’ll now briefly recap what happened the first two days of the second week of the Invitational Qualifiers. We’ll also look into what kind of action you can expect today and the rest of this week. That is because we have now entered a very crucial phase of the competition, and you’ll soon get to know why. Stay till the end to know why.

Invitational Qualifiers League Play 2: Here's what's coming up. 

After some action-packed exhibition matches, it is time to get back to the Invitational Qualifiers. Week 2 is now on, and League Play 2 starts today. In this phase of the tournament, we have 24 squads competing to secure their ranks in the LAN Finals. Only 10 spots are available, which means only 10 teams out of the 24, will enter straight into the finals from the Invitational Qualifiers. Of these 24 teams, 16 teams are professional contingents, specially invited to participate in ESPL 2. The other 8 squads have emerged from the Open Qualifiers, where teams from all over India registered to participate. 


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The ten teams are going to be selected on the basis of their cumulative performance over the two weeks of the Invitational Qualifiers. The past week we saw the 24 squads first competing in the League Play held on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. After a series of 18 matches, the top 16 teams went ahead to play in the Weekly Finals 1. Week 2 is going to follow the same format, starting today, which means this is the final chance the squads get to buck up and secure their spots in the Lan Finale. 

Since a lot is at stake, tables can turn at any moment, and you cannot afford to miss this action. Tune into LOCO, the Exclusive Digital Broadcast partner of ESPL Season 2, to watch ESPL 2 live. Check into channels ESPL.Hindi or ESPL_English on the LOCO website or the LOCO App, to witness the action of the second day of the Invitational Qualifiers. Today’s matches will be streamed from 5 pm to 10 pm, IST. 

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