ESPL 2021: Infinix B wins ESports Premier League 2021 Unplugged showcase event

ESPL Unplugged was a special showcase event where top Free Fire teams competed with each other to exhibit their talent. Here is everything you may need to know about the competition.

Recently, India Today Gaming announced 8 of India's best Free Fire teams competing in the ESports Premier League 2021 Level 3 stage starting from 16th August 2021. ESPL 2021 Level 3 stage will be played between the eight qualified teams from the previous stage. The teams will compete against rivals to represent eight cities across the country. These cities include Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Bangalore.

India Today Gaming revealed the city team names through the ESPL 2021 Team Draft mode. Teams competing in the ESPL 2021 Level 3 stages along with their city names are:

Bangalore Ballistics - Two Side Gamers
Delhi Dukes - AFF eSports
Kolkata Kaijus - Badge99
Punjab Paladins - Head Hunters
Chennai Celestials - No Chance
Hyderabad Hydras - Total Gaming eSports
Mumbai Masters - TSM FTX
Rajasthan Reapers - 4 Unknown

After the completion of exciting draft mode pick which gave the team owners opportunity to pick random teams from a set of given numbers. India Today Gaming organized a showcase event featuring different players from each city's teams. As the showcase match was played in clash squad mode, we had two teams - Infinix A and Infinix B. Infinix A featured players B99 Prahast, FTX-Indro, PN-Priyansh, and HH.Viper 24 whereas Infinix B had TG-Fozyajay, TSG Ritik, 4UN-Swastik, and AFF-MAfia21 in the squad.

The first game was won by Infinix A with a scoreline of 4-0. HH.Viper 24 was the MVP of the game and scored 6 kills with 1354 damage points. The second map once again was in the favor of Team A with a 4-1 score.

Infinix B came out strong in the third game of the showcase event. The team won with 4-2 score where AFF-Mafia21 was the MVP of the game with 6 kills and 1988 damage points. Infinix B just took off in the fourth game and defeated Infinix B with 4-0, TG-Fozyajay was the MVP of the game for his 6 kills.

With a 2-2 score after the fourth game, both teams badly needed the win to be the champions. Infinix B made it a one-sided match and won by a 4-0 score. TSG Ritik was the MVP of the game with 6 kills and 1823 damage points. The complete event was streamed live on the official YouTube and Facebook channels of India Today Gaming. You can also watch the live-action on various OTT platforms from the below links.

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