ESPL 2021 Level 2 Day 1: Badge 99 qualifies for next level

The Level 2 stage started from 1st Aug 2021 with the top qualifying teams from Level 1 and eight invited teams. Let's find out rest of the details around the results for the ESPL 2021 Level 2 Day 1 matches.

ESPL 2021 saw the commencement of its first day in Level 2 of India’s biggest franchise premier league. A total of 8 matches were played on the first day of the Level 2 stage featuring a total of 12 top teams. ESPL 2021 is a franchise-based league announced by India Today Gaming, the gaming and esports division of India Today Group. The tournament features a massive prize pool of Rs 25,00,000 distributed among the top 8 teams in the grand finals scheduled to be held on 29th August 2021.

The Level 2 stage started from 1st Aug 2021 with the top qualifying teams from Level 1 and eight invited teams. The top team from each group will qualify for the Level 3 stage. A total of 96 teams will be distributed into 8 groups that will compete from 1st to 8th August 2021. With all the matches concluded for the day, we have our top team with us. We have mentioned the results of the Level 2 Group 1 matches.

The first group match of the day was completely dominated by one team which easily managed to qualify for the next round. Badge 99 topped the overall standings after the completion of 8 matches. The team took a total of 305 points, including the massive 122 kill points. Besides getting the maximum kill points, the team also got the highest position points (183). Team Mayhem took the second spot in the overall standings with a total of 189 points followed by Tonde Gamer with 170 points.

How to watch ESPL 2021 Level 2 matches

ESPL 2021 Level 2 matches will be live-streamed so that players and fans could watch their favorite teams compete in the league. You can watch the live streams for the matches in six languages including Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Bengali. The live stream broadcasts will be available on the YouTube and Facebook channels of India Today Gaming along with India Today and AajTak. Here is the link to the official channel.

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