ESports Premier League 2021 Group D Day 4 Round 2 concludes, top teams qualify for round 3

ESPL 2021 Group D Day 4 has finally come to a conclusion with teams advancing to the next round of the Group selections. Here are all the results for the matches that happened on the day.

The 4th day of ESPL 2021 Level 1 Group D ended with the top three teams from each group qualifying for the Round 3 qualifiers. The round 2 qualifiers started from 20th July 2021 with the top teams from round 1 competing with each other. ESPL 2021 is a franchise-based league announced by India Today Gaming, the gaming and esports division of India Today Group. The tournament features a massive prize pool of Rs 25,00,000 distributed among the top 8 teams in the grand finals scheduled to be held on 29th August 2021. The tournament will feature more than 700 matches and 300 hours of gaming content

Level 1 Group D Round 2

The top teams from the previous stage competed in round 2 of the ESPL 2021 Level 1 Group D stage. Each team will play a total of three matches in round 2 of the league. The matches were played in Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari maps. An overall standing was created considering the points of all the matches. The top three teams from the overall standings qualified for the next round.

ESPL 2021 Level 1 Group D Round 2 Match Overview

Team 4EC were the winners of the DR2M1. A total of 3 matches were played where the team scored 126 total points and 46 kill points. Team Manit 2 finished at the second spot with 87 points followed by Team Arindam with 76 points at the third spot in the overall standings.

DR2M2 was won by IMP, they secured a total of 156 points. They took a total of 76 kills and 80 position points in three matches. Last Hope and SNB eSports finished at the second and third spots respectively.

Where to watch ESPL 2021 group stage matches

ESPL 2021 group stage matches will be live-streamed so that fans could watch their favorite teams compete in the league. You can watch the live streams for the matches in six languages including Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Bengali. The live stream broadcasts will be available on the YouTube and Facebook channels of India Today Gaming along with India Today and AajTak. Here is the link to the official channel.

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