EWar Games announces ‘High on Games’, a virtual hackathon for game developers

This virtual hackathon will kick-start on March 4 and will go on to conclude on March 10, 2021. Here is everything we know about the “High on Games” virtual hackathon from EWar Games.

ESports platform EWar Games has just announced a new event called “High on Games”. The company outlined that it is a virtual hackathon meant for video game developers in the Indian market. As per the information available, this virtual hackathon will start on March 4 and will go on till March 10, 2021. EWar stated that this week-long event will serve as a platform for game developers to exhibit their work. The company will also use this as a screening to select talented developers for an exclusive “mega group of developers”. Here is everything we know about the “High on Games” virtual hackathon from EWar Games.

EWar Games “High on Games” hackathon coming soon, details

The company also stated that participants will also get a chance to win multiple prizes. EWar has added the prizes to encourage a larger number of game developers to take part in the event. Some of the winning prizes include Apple AirPods, Noise Smartwatch, Amazon Echo Dot, and even a PlayStation 4. We do wish that EWar would have added a PS5 instead of a PS4 to the mix but given the shortage, we will give them a pass. The company highlighted that it will select seven winners in total for the prizes and the rest may also get potential job opportunities depending on their skill level.

Rahul Singh, the Co-Founder of EWAR Games also issued a statement as part of the announcement. Singh stated, “EWar has always focused on uplifting the Indian Esports industry to provide a comprehensive platform to all the game developers in the country. Hence, High on Games is a contest/hackathon where developers try to make Mobile games from scratch which leads to innovations and brainstorming of ideas amongst the developers from different parts of the world.”

The company also noted that game developers need to register as a team. As part of the team, they need to develop a new game in seven days. Interested video game developers can head to the official EWar Games website to register for the upcoming event. The registrations are open till March 1. EWar Games will announce the list of accepted teams on March 2. Finally, the company also stated that participating teams are open to exploring new tools and technologies to develop their game.