Fortnite Roll Backs Its Controversial Age Restricted Skins

After tons of backlash from angry fans asking for refunds, Epic Games has admitted that its latest age-restricting Fortnite update 'didn't hit the mark' and revealed some of its plans to make things better.

Fortnite has decided to take back its new policy regarding age-restricted skins after a negative reception from fans. The controversial change happened a few days ago when Fortnite introduced age-rating restrictions for skins in Creative Mode, which allows players to create a customized experience. However, the newly imposed restrictions on the skins players could use were not very consistent. For instance, harmless skins such as Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, and Agent Peely were restricted, while some others like the horror character Michael Myers were not. This prompted a huge backlash from the community, as the players paid for these skins using V-Bucks, and demanded refunds in case they could not be used during the game.

Fortnite, developed by Epic Games, is a popular online multiplayer game with a diverse player base, including a significant number of younger players. As such, Epic Games has implemented age restrictions to ensure that certain in-game content aligns with appropriate age groups. This not only serves to comply with legal regulations but also to support responsible gaming practices and age-appropriate experiences for players.


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Age-restricted Fortnite skins are specific in-game cosmetics that are only available for purchase or use by players above a certain age. These skins are typically tied to partnerships or promotional events that involve products or franchises with age restrictions, such as R-rated movies or mature-rated video games. To purchase or use these skins, players must meet the age requirements set by the respective partners or regulatory guidelines.

List of All Age-Restricted Fortnite Skins

As of now, Fortnite has allegedly made over 360+ cosmetic items unavailable as part of their age restrictions policies. These include character skins, guns, backpacks, and more. We have compiled a long list of notable skins that are not eligible for all maps. Many of these include popular collaboration skins from Resident Evil or Marvel Universe. Here is a list of popular skins you can’t use in Fortnite as part of the recent policy change:

Leon S Kennedy
Claire Redfield
Lara Croft
Rebirth Harley Quinn
Doctor Doom
Black Widow
The Visitor
Agent Peely
Cloud Striker
Nolan Chance
Sgt Winter