How to Play Emulated Games on Your Steam Deck With EmuDeck

EmuDeck presents a user-friendly choice for individuals looking to emulate games on their Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck has gained recognition as an excellent emulation platform, but understanding how to initiate emulators is crucial. This guide focuses on utilizing EmuDeck to play emulated games on the Steam Deck.

Choosing EmuDeck for Steam Deck Emulation

To begin, the user needs to decide on an emulator, and for this guide, EmuDeck is selected due to its user-friendly platform, handling installation, folder structure, updates, and third-party tool integration. While numerous emulators are compatible with the Steam Deck, EmuDeck simplifies the process.


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How to Set-Up EmuDeck on the Steam Deck?

Before setting up EmuDeck, users should be familiar with Steam Deck's desktop mode.

Install and Set Up EmuDeck

The installation involves switching to Desktop Mode, downloading the EmuDeck install package from the EmuDeck website, and placing it on the Steam Deck's desktop. Running the script initiates the installation, with options to choose between Easy Mode and Custom Mode. Emulators can be installed on internal storage or an SD card, and users can select specific emulators for installation.

Transferring ROMs to EmuDeck

After EmuDeck installation, users need to know where to place ROMs and any required BIOS files. The Emulation folder, either in the Home folder or on the root of the SD card, is where all emulators share a common space. Different console folders within the ROMs folder correspond to supported emulated consoles. BIOS files can be placed in a common BIOS folder. File transfer requires external hardware adapters or alternative means.

Integrating Emulators into Steam Deck's Gaming Mode

EmuDeck offers a solution to avoid launching into desktop mode every time users want to play emulated games. The Steam ROM Manager, found in the Tools & Stuff category, automates the process of adding shortcuts to the Steam library. It scans the emulation library, adding individual games as shortcuts. Users must have ROMs copied over before using this feature. The Steam ROM Manager facilitates launching emulated games directly from the gaming mode, streamlining the user experience.

Playing Emulated Games on Steam Deck

Once emulators are set up and shortcuts added, launching emulated games on the Steam Deck is convenient. The platform ensures a user-friendly and hassle-free approach to enjoy emulated games seamlessly.

In summary, EmuDeck simplifies the process of installing emulators, managing ROMs, and integrating emulated games into the Steam Deck's gaming mode, providing users with an efficient solution for emulation on this gaming device.