Intel Iris Xe MAX Graphics: First discrete GPU from team Blue aimed at thin-and-light laptops

This new GPU will use the same Iris Xe -LP micro-architecture that Intel used in its 11th Gen processors. In addition to the Intel Iris Xe MAX Graphics, the company also announced the Xe MAX platform and Deep Link tech.

Intel has just launched its first discrete graphics processing unit (GPU) in the market. This new GPU will use the same Intel Iris Xe -LP micro-architecture that the company used in its 11th Gen processors. Intel is calling this new GPU “Intel Iris Xe MAX graphics” and confirmed that it is aimed at thin-and-light laptops. OEM partners already have access to Xe MAX Graphics, and we can expect Xe MAX Graphics-powered products in the coming weeks. In addition to the Xe MAX Graphics, the company also announced the Xe MAX platform and Intel Deep Link technology, and more. Let’s check out details around Intel Iris Xe MAX Graphics and other technologies here.

Intel Iris Xe MAX Graphics and Deep Link launched, details

Digging further in the announcement, Intel also announced two important technologies. The first is called Intel Deep Link and the second is PCIe Gen-4 support. Intel Deep Link will be part of Intel Adaptix technology to squeeze in more performance from the processor. The company claims that it will combine Iris Xe graphics with Iris Xe MAX Graphics to offer “new experiences”, access to a more “open and common software framework” and improved driver distribution.


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Intel Iris Xe MAX Graphics

Talking about Deep Link, customers will get improved CPU performance, improvements in AI-backed work, and “industry-leading” encoding performance. DeepLink will allow developers to pool processing engines together to get work done faster. In fact, it will also allow “certain workloads” to scale across the integrated and discrete graphics. This will result in faster render times when it comes to content creation. Xe MAX Graphics will also allow Intel to optimize and allocate all the thermal and power resources to the CPU if the GPU is idle with the “Dynamic Power Share” feature. This results in about 20 percent better CPU performance.

Intel claims that Xe MAX graphics-equipped thin-and-light laptops can offer “great” 1080p gaming on popular games. It is also adding “game sharpening” and “Instant game tuning” features in the “Intel Graphics Command Center”. Intel also confirmed that the Iris Xe MAX graphics is just the first step in its long journey. The company aims to launch discrete GPUs for high-end gaming and datacenter graphics in the time to come. Intel is already working with its partners to develop a discrete GPU aimed at “value desktops” in the first half of 2021. Buyers can look forward to Acer Swift 3x, Asus VivoBook Flip TP470, and Dell Inspiron 15 7000 2-in-1. These devices will be the first to sport 11th gen processors and Xe MAX graphics.