Is Steam Got Banned in Vietnam?


The sudden banning of Steam in Vietnam, reported by many users on online forums, has sparked a lot of speculation and concern. Since May 7, users in Vietnam have been facing permanent blocking of the Steam platform by their Internet Service Provider (ISP). Despite the suddenness of this move, neither the ISP nor the government offered any explanation for the ban.

However, the prevailing belief among Vietnamese users is that the ban must have been orchestrated by the government. Reports from individuals on Steam, Reddit, and other social media platforms indicate that ISPs have implemented bans on orders "from above." This lack of official clarity adds to the uncertainty surrounding the situation.


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One plausible reason for the ban, according to the translated article, had to do with content law concerns. In Vietnam, games with violence and other sensitive topics are censored to enforce local laws. The suit alleges that Steam has distributed numerous "violent [and] adult games" without proper licensing. Additionally, law enforcement is complicated by the lack of Steam officials or contact points within Vietnam, prompting authorities to consider drastic measures such as banning the platform altogether

The timing of the ban, which happened shortly after the community won Sony’s PSN demands, did not go unnoticed. Speculations on the reason for the ban are still rife, with users eagerly waiting for further clarification from the authorities concerned. As it stands now, the situation is one of uncertainty and speculation, and Vietnamese gamers are left to navigate the sudden lack of an important platform in their gaming earlier