Nvidia GPU shortage will likely continue till the end of 2021; Unity to get native DLSS support

The Unity announcement comes just days after Nvidia outlined some interesting plans at its investors' call. Let’s check everything we know around the GPU supply situation and Unity DLSS support here.

Nvidia has just shared two significant announcements regarding the graphics industry including the state of the GPU supply chain. Talking about the stocks, Nvidia issued a warning that the supply issues will last till the end of the year. Besides the new update around the GPU situation, it also announced native DLSS support for popular game development engine, Unity. It is worth noting that Nvidia already offers native DLSS and Reflex support for the Unreal engine. The Unity announcement comes just days after the company outlined some interesting plans at its investors' call. Let’s check everything we know around the Nvidia GPU supply situation and the DLSS support for Unity here.

Nvidia GPU supply chain issues to last “for much of” 2021; details

Colette Kress, the CFO for Nvidia issued a statement noting that the “demand” will “continue to exceed supply”. As noted above, Kress stated that interested buyers can expect this situation “for much of this year”. This new statement is a far cry from the previous warning that outlined a “lean” supply through financial Q1 of 2021. Besides Nvidia, other semiconductor giants including TSMC, and Intel have already noted that the shortage could last till the end of 2022.

Besides the warning around lean supply, the company did note that things will improve as time progresses. Kress noted, “We believe we will have sufficient supply to support sequential growth beyond Q1.” However, this does mean that gamers will likely find it difficult to purchase a new Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000 series GPU. The situation along with an increase in demand from crypto miners and the menace from scalpers are likely to keep prices high. In addition to an update on the GPU status, the company also outlined that it would start CPUs for the server space.

Nvidia DLSS support coming to Unity

Nvidia DLSS 2.0 technology

According to the announcement, Unity will get native Nvidia DLSS support by the end of the year. This will ensure that game developer working on Unity titles will be able to implement DLSS with ease. Nvidia outlined this during its GTX 2021 event on the global stage. It also noted that this will improve performance in regular games that use rasterization besides games that use raytracing.