PUBG Mobile downloads cross the 1 billion mark, Karakin to replace Vikendi, and more

The popular Karakin map is set to launch on PUBG Mobile on April 7 as part of a new update. Here is everything we know about the 1 billion downloads landmark, upcoming Karakin map, and the job listing.

PUBG Studio, the developer behind PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular Battle Royale titles has made a new announcement. The game developer stated that the game has crossed the 1 billion downloads mark since its launch in 2018. In addition, to the announcement, the company also shared a 48-second-long video to celebrate this milestone.

It also shared the announcement that the popular Karakin map is set to launch on PUBG Mobile on April 7. This new map is meant to serve as a replacement for the Vikendi map on the Battle Royale title. Besides these, a report also highlighted a PUBG Corporation job posting on LinkedIn in India. Here is everything we know about the PUBG Mobile 1 billion downloads landmark, Karakin map launch, and the job listing.

PUBG Mobile crosses 1 billion downloads, shares a celebration video

As part of the announcement about the 1 billion mark, the company thanked its players and fans for the support. We also got some interesting facts and stats associated with this number. Looking at context, it appears that 1 in every 7.8 people, or about 13 percent of the total population has played the game. This is likely not accurate because of repeat installs on multiple devices by the same user. It is also possible that the same user has installed the game through multiple accounts. PUBG Mobile may have reached this number faster if the game was still available in India. The video also asked the players to wait for the next update for the game.

Karakin comes to the smartphone title

We also got a teaser video for the announcement around Karakin. This 19-second-long video clip showcases the layout of the map along with the launch date as mentioned above. The game developer even asked players and fans to play the last few matches on Vikendi before the map replacement. PUBG Studio also clarified that it will not completely remove the title. Players can still access this map in custom matches along with upcoming community events. It also clarified that Karakin will offer a different experience with the help of new in-game items and gameplay. As per the clarification, the developer also generated a storm over the map. This storm will arrive with the return of Vikendi in the game.

PUBG Corporation is looking for new people in India

Finally, a report from Gadgets 360 also outlined a PUBG Corporation job listing on LinkedIn. Going through the listing, PUBG Corporation is searching for an Investment and Strategy Analyst for its office in Bengaluru. This is an associate-level post where the person selected will work with the senior team in the mergers and acquisitions, investment, and other departments. As outlined in the report, this does not offer any insight into the return of PUBG Mobile to India. However, it does showcase the effort that Krafton is putting into expanding its presence in India. One can check the rest of the details around the listing on the platform.