PUBG version 10.2 patch out on test server; here is everything we know

In addition, we also got information about PGI.S (PUBG Global Invitational S) event where top teams can compete in weekly tournaments. Let’s check out everything about the PUBG version 10.2 patch here.

PUBG Studio, the gaming studio behind the popular Battle Royale game, PUBG has just shared details around the latest update. This new update brings the version number to 10.2 and introduces several new aspects to the game. Some of the major changes include in-game TV screens that can stream events, a reputation system for players, and more. In addition, we also get PGI.S (PUBG Global Invitational S) event where top teams can compete in weekly tournaments. PUBG Studio noted that this update is currently live on the test server of the game so players can test-drive. Let’s check out everything new coming with the new PUBG version 10.2 patch along with all the changes here.

PUBG 10.2 patch update out on test server, changelog, and details

Looking at the changelog for the upcoming update, we get PGI.S event with weekly tournaments as mentioned above. Here, the best teams from across the globe will take on each other in elimination format for a spot in the final tournament. The winners will continue to push their way up with a chance to earn prize money as the tournament goes on. This PUBG patch adds 10 large displays in the game around the Miramar and Erangel maps for PGI.S. Players can watch the live stream of the matches on these screens with their friends. One can also toggle these displays off from the settings menu if you are not interested in watching the tournament.

We will also get PGI.S “Pick’em” event where players will get a chance to earn PGI.S gear. Players will need to predict the winners of the tournament to get the gear. Other additions include Coupe RB, a vintage sports car with two seats and a top speed of 150km/h. The company noted that this car will only be available in Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok maps.

The game developer has also introduced a “reputation system” in the game to improve player interactions. One will get a reputation rank based on how they treat other players. Players can check this rank in the “Team Finder” section so one knows what kind of teammates they are playing with. This rank will automatically increase unless the player is not displaying “toxic” behavior. Such behavior includes repeatedly leaving matches, reported for negative behavior, suspected cheating, or failing to return. PUBG 10.2 patch has also made changes to its ranked mode, brings new “stunt emotes”, bug fixes, performance, and quality of life improvements. One can find details about all the changes in the official changelog post.