Qualcomm is working on an Android-powered gaming console with Nintendo Switch-like design

The Android-powered gaming console is likely to be a showcase device to demonstrate the power of Snapdragon SoCs in a different category. Here is everything we know about the planned Qualcomm gaming console.

Semiconductor giant Qualcomm seems to be working on a gaming console behind the scenes. Unlike the traditional consoles like the PlayStation and the Xbox, the company is going the route of Nintendo Switch to create a portable hand-held console. This is likely to be the first Qualcomm-branded device planned to land in the market in a while. The Android-powered gaming console is likely to be a showcase device to demonstrate the power of Snapdragon SoCs in a different category. It will feature elements like removable controller buttons as we have seen on the Switch. Let’s check everything new we know about the Android-powered portable gaming console from Qualcomm here.

Android-based Qualcomm gaming console features, details

A report from Android Police shared comprehensive details about the upcoming Qualcomm gaming console. Besides the removable “Joycon”-like controllers from the sides, the console looks like a bulkier version of a standard smartphone. This thickness allows Qualcomm to add enough thermal headroom to push the Snapdragon SoC to faster speeds in an efficient manner. The company will also add a 6,000mAh battery to the device along with support for Quick Charge technology. Qualcomm has teamed up with “a premium supplier in the controller space” for the gamepad on the console.

We are not sure about the size of the display on the console, but one may likely get a 6.65-inch panel. To complement this somewhat smaller display, the device will also feature “display-out” to improve the gaming experience. Users can use this technology to cast the game on a larger, external display like a monitor or a TV. The report did not share the port that Qualcomm may use for this. Beyond the “display-out” feature, the console will also sport an SD-card slot for expandable storage like the Switch.

Other features of the console include Android 12 with a custom launcher, full support for Google Apps, and likely support for Epic Games Store app at launch. The report also stated that Qualcomm is planning to build its “portal” to deliver games and other multimedia content. This Qualcomm portable gaming console is likely to launch in Q1 2022 along with the next-gen flagship Snapdragon SoC. We are not sure about any custom-gaming-specific features on the upcoming console beyond the Snapdragon Elite Gaming Suite.

Possible price and availability

Qualcomm is aiming at a $300 price point for the console, but other accessories may push it up. It is also likely that the company will team-up with carriers in the US to launch the portable gaming console. However, the report stated that the console will likely not feature any telephone-communication features. It also noted that Qualcomm is realistic in its approach and does not think that it can compete with Nintendo in the space. Finally, the report also cautioned that Qualcomm could cancel the unannounced gaming console given the gap between the leak and the expected launch.