Rise of Women Gamers & Gaming Creators In India's Esports Industry

Seeking Story Opportunity for Women's Day

Despite the long-standing perception of Esports as a male-dominated domain, women gamers and gaming creators are increasingly asserting their presence in the video gaming landscape, challenging traditional norms and perceptions.

According to the 'Female Gamers in Asia' report by Niko Partners, the female gamers market in Asia is poised for substantial growth, currently representing 37% of total gamers and experiencing a remarkable annual growth rate of 11%. This growth rate is nearly double that of new male gamers entering the market.


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Furthermore, female gamers contribute approximately 23.5% of the total revenue generated in the games market in Asia and this segment has the potential to more than double in size over the coming years as the female gamer market steadily progresses towards achieving parity with its male counterpart. 

A pan-India survey of >2000 users of the "Leveling up: State of India Gaming FY’23" report by Lumikai in collaboration with Google provides insights including the male-to-female ratio of roughly 60:40, with an increase in the number of gamers in non-metro regions.

As we approach International Women's Day, we want to explore story opportunities for female gamers who are a part of 8Bit Creatives, India's leading gaming influencer talent management agency and making waves in India's gaming community such as: 

1. Payal Dhare aka PayalGaming
2. Kaashvi Hiranandani aka KaashPlays
3. Krutika Ojha aka KrutikaPlays
4. Saloni Kandalgaonkar aka MiliKyaMili
5. Ankkita Chauhan aka AnkkitaC

These gamers whose dedication, talent, and resilience are not only shaping the future of Esports but also inspiring countless others to pursue their passions and break barriers can share their insights on topics including:

  • Breaking barriers to pursue a professional career in the Esports industry
  • Overcoming online abuse and hate to consistently be focused on your craft
  • Brands recognizing the unique appeal and reach of female gamers and forming partnerships to leverage their influence
  • Increased female representation in the video games industry as developers, CEOs, designers, writers, coaches, etc
  • Female protagonists in games and how it can attract more female gamers
  • Rising number of gaming streamers and how in-game advertising of fashion brands (Burberry x Minecraft, Balenciaga x Fortnite, Gucci x Roblox,) results in more ROI and engagement across a diverse audience base

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