Sony PlayStation 5: Games to be region-free, 4K recording available, game streaming and more

The company revealed all this information in an “Ultimate FAQ” on the PlayStation Blog. Here are the most interesting details about the Sony PlayStation 5 lineup that have not been covered in the past.

Sony has shared a large trove of interesting details around its next-generation console, the PlayStation 5 series. Looking closely, the company revealed all this information in an “Ultimate FAQ” in a dedicated post on the PlayStation Blog. Skimming through the post, we get information regarding (almost) everything from pricing, specifications, features, differences, design, accessories, and more. Almost because we still don’t have any information about the availability of the console in the Indian market. We combed through the post to highlight some of the most interesting aspects of the PlayStation 5 series. Here are the most interesting details about the Sony PlayStation 5 lineup that have not been covered in the past.

Sony PlayStation 5 Ultimate FAQ overview

First up, Sony confirmed that the PS5 games will not be region locked. Though this is not surprising, an official confirmation is still better. For some context, this is a move away from region-locked games that would not run outside the permitted countries. Sony PlayStation 5 series will also feature improved cross-generation interoperability as PS4 and PS5 players can play with each other. As previously noted, the company shared some details about its PlayStation Plus subscription service. Sony also hinted that it may launch its DualSense controller with other color schemes “eventually”.


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Buyers will also need to wait for a software update for M.2 SSD drives to expand the functionality from external USB drives. Sony is also working to roll out 8K output through future updates. However, the PlayStation 5 does not come with support for 1440p. The company has also limited the HDR support to HDR10 with Dolby Vision and HDR10+ absent. We also got to know that the console can record fame footage at 4K along with a “save recent gameplay” feature. This feature allows players to save from anywhere between the last 15 seconds of gameplay to the last 60 seconds. The gameplay recording is set to 1080p at 60fps out of the box.

We also get an updated Remote Play feature which will allow PlayStation 4 users to stream PS5 games. Interestingly, this streaming feature will also be available on PC or smartphones instead of being tied to the PS4. Several other reports surfaced online sharing more features around the console. Looking at these reports, we got to know details around the original design, and more. According to a report from The Washington Post, PS5 designer Yujin Morisawa stated that the original design was even bigger. Morisawa was surprised when the engineering team stated that it was too big.