Sony PlayStation 5 update will warn if you running PS4 versions of the game, but it doesn’t matter

This feature will address a long-standing issue that PlayStation 5 owners have reported since the launch. Here is everything we know about the new update on the Sony PlayStation 5.

Sony has just rolled out a new update for its latest console lineup in the market, the PlayStation 5 series. Looking at the information available regarding the update, Sony has added a system alert of PS5 consoles. This new alert will warn users if they are running the last-gen version of the game on their console. The feature will only work for games that have received the PS5 version of the game. This function is quite helpful and will address a long-standing issue that PlayStation 5 owners have reported since the launch. Here is everything we know about this new feature on the Sony PlayStation 5 along with the new update.

Sony PlayStation 5 update brings a helpful warning, details

Twitter user Tidux was the first to sport this warning in the shape of a dialogue box on their PS5. Looking closely, the dialogue box appears when you are trying to launch the game from the system dashboard. It will ask you to “Confirm” the version of the game with two options. The first option is “Play PS4 Version” where you can continue with the game if you have limited internet bandwidth. The second option asks players to “Switch to PS5 Version” which likely installs the correct version of the game. Multiple reports have confirmed this update in the follow-up reports.


Popular Games

A report from GameSpot noted that the console defaulted to the PS4 version of the cross-generational games. This means that players were running old versions of the games on their new PS5 series console. This even disappointed a small subsection of PS5 owners as they were accidentally running the older version of the game. 

This new feature is good, but it is not as seamless as Xbox Smart Delivery that comes on the Xbox Series X and Series S. Here, the user must select the version while Smart Delivery automatically detects the hardware and the suitable game version. It automatically downloads, and even updates to the newer version without any user intervention. Regardless, this feature does not really matter because Sony has not launched the PlayStation 5 series in India yet. The company did release the official pricing of the consoles, accessories, and first-party games. However, we still don’t have an official release date for the console. So, in the absence of the console through official channels, new features don’t really matter much.