The Nemesis Burst gets a major Nerf for all you Apex enthusiasts! Let's dig deeper into it

The latest patch notes for the Harbingers Collection Event in Apex Legends have spilled the beans on an upcoming nerf for the Nemesis Burst AR. The Nemesis has raised eyebrows in the Apex Legends community since its Season 16 debut.

This exact Burst AR weapon quickly got a lot of popularity for its rapid-fire burst style and energy ammo usage. If you guys already don't know, each burst unleashes four bullets, and when it's charged up after a few seconds of sustained fire, its damage output becomes even more menacing. And well, despite being added to the Replicator at the beginning of Season 18, the Nemesis has remained an amazing choice for whoever crafts it However, it seems the Nemesis may lose some of its bite soon, thanks to a developer update. Stay tuned for the changes!

Respawn Entertainment is addressing the concerns surrounding the Nemesis Burst AR in Apex Legends with an upcoming update. This patch, tied to the Harbingers Collection Event, will be dropping on September 19.


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The main changes coming to the Nemesis include a reduction in damage per round, dropping from 17 to 16. Moreover, the gun's ADS (aim down sights) recoil is getting increased. While these tweaks are aimed at bringing the Nemesis more in line with other weapons in the game, we're certain that it will make the Apex Legends battlefield just a tad more balanced. So, players using the Nemesis might want to adjust their strategies once this update rolls out.

But news! The upcoming nerf to the Nemesis Burst AR is certainly going to have an impact on how players would use this weapon in Apex Legends. With its damage per round dropping and the increased ADS recoil, it might be a bit trickier to wield effectively. However, as the weapon is returning to floor loot, it could become a more common choice among players, albeit in its nerfed state. We're very sure that this change could shift the weapon meta as players try adapt to these adjustments.

The return of the Mozambique to floor loot, as well as the crafting rotation changes for the 30-30 Repeater and RE-45 with Hammpoint Rounds, will also add some variety to weapon choices in the game.

Moreover, the adjustments to Legends' kits, like those for Horizon and Revenant, will likely shake up the competitive landscape of Apex Legends. It's always exciting to see how these changes influence the game's dynamics and strategies.

With new content like the Living Shells Trios LTM, Fuse's Razor's Edge heirloom, and the after-dark version of World's Edge, Apex Legends players have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming update. It should keep the game feeling fresh and exciting until the start of Season 19.